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Eurovita, Adiconsum urges caution regarding recalls


Addiction Warns savers about the issue of redemption Eurovita (Read related news here) which can be ordered starting November 1.

The Consumers Association stated, in a memorandum, that “in the meantime a new company called… chronos vita, Currently owned by Generali Italia, Intesa Sanpaolo Vita, Post Vita, Unipol SAI And from allianz, It is where Eurovita clients meet, who will maintain the prospects and guarantees previously subscribed for their investments. Cronos Vita, which has obtained a license from Ivass to carry out insurance business, will take over the Eurovita policies business unit from November 1, the policy portfolio of which will be transferred to Cronos Vita without any contractual amendment and will subsequently be divided among the companies that contribute to the company’s capital.”

“Due to the tight deadline, we receive many complaints from savers who feel abandoned by Eurovita and the new company,” he says. Carlo Piaroli Head of the Credit and Insurance Department of Adiconsum Nazionale – as there has not yet been any information about the development of the situation, about the possible method of recovery, about the possibility of keeping the policy in place or not, the possible consequences of the decisions that may be employed.”

“We urge both the company and IVASS – says the President of Adiconsum Carlo De Masi – So that policy subscribers are adequately informed and educated about managing their savings.”

In this regard, Adiconsum reiterates that “savers should be careful in redeeming policies immediately to avoid capital losses, Due to the rise in prices last year. We invite them, for clarifications and assistance, to contact our offices throughout the national territory.”

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