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How the 13th will change with the 2024 budget: Risk of a strike without tax relief

How the 13th will change with the 2024 budget: Risk of a strike without tax relief

Rome, October 28, 2023 – In 2024, it could be the 13th less wealthy. In fact, according to the latest version of the text Budget law Which could therefore change again, the reduction in the tax wedge will be confirmed from next year, however Not on the thirteenthwho no longer has an exemption from 6 percentage points On wages exceeding 2,692 euros per month or more 7 percentage points On salaries not exceeding 1,923 euros per month. The bonus is not expected even for the 13th which will be paid in December this year and which will have an exemption It is limited to 2 or 3 percentDepending on the salary he receives. The CGIA was calculated in Mestre last year 33.9 million Italians Waiting for the 13th in December 2022, with a total value of 46.9 billion euros. But an important amount 11.4 billion euros Collected by tax authorities.

The thirteenth (archive photo)

13th 2023

This year, the 13th portion of recipients of the reduction will receive a contribution reduction of 2 or 3 percentage points, based on income. In fact, it was the thirteenth month’s salary Excluded from the increase rate The expected reduction in contributions for the period from July 1 to December 31, 2023, will be increased to 6 percentage points for salaries not exceeding 2692 euros per month And 7 percentage points on wages that do not exceed 1923 euros per month. This means that the thirteenth salary exemption that Italians will receive in December will go to Italians 2 percent On the thirteenth centuryOn or more than 2692 euros Born in 3 percent On the thirteenth, no later than 1923 euros. As for the thirteenth salary for the year 2022, the exemption rate was 2 percent for all those with salaries less than 2,692 euros. So they will have 1% more comfort Compared to 2022 those with the lowest salaries are 1,923 euros per month.

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If the thirteenth is paid Monthly feesThis year, a 2 percent exemption applies if… 224 euros per month And 3 percent if it does not exceed 160 euros. In the event of the commencement, termination or suspension of the employment relationship during the year, the maximum entitlements are It is resetby multiplying the amount of 224 euros (with a 2% exemption) and 160 euros (with a 3% exemption) by the number of monthly payments due.