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La Commissione Europea ha dato parere positivo sulla legge di bilancio italiana, ma con qualche critica

Twitter has suspended an account reporting Elon Musk’s private jet trips

Twitter comment @employee, an account that automatically reports flights taken by Elon Musk’s private jet, who has been the head of the social network since October. Musk month ago He said He wasn’t going to ban @ElonJet, because he wanted to guarantee freedom of expression on Twitter. But he has now threatened to sue the owner of the account, 20-year-old student Jack Sweeney, after he said his 2-year-old son, X, was being followed by a “crazy stalker.”

Musk announced Wednesday that “any account that discloses personal information about someone’s real-time whereabouts will be suspended as a breach of physical security,” while he will be allowed to disclose travel information with a certain delay. Musk justified his decision, explaining that a car carrying his son was followed by a person who believed he was following him, and Musk said that this person “stopped the car and got on it.”

In addition to @ElonJet, there are many other Twitter profiles that post automated updates on plane takeoffs and landings of the rich and famous; They are often unallocated, that is, intended for the movement of the aircraft or aircraft by one person as in the case of ElonJet. The data they use is in the public domain.

These accounts have become Very popular and influential in the past year, sparking protests over the significant environmental impact in terms of greenhouse gas emissions from flights. The success of these accounts has also prompted some movements and parties to demand that the policy restrict or ban private aircraft altogether. Besides @ElonJet, Sweeney’s other accounts have also been suspended, as have accounts that reported aircraft movements to Facebook chief Mark Zuckerberg, Amazon chief Jeff Bezos, and Microsoft chief Bill Gates.

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