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“Europe will understand.”  Giorgetti’s message to Brussels on intrigue

“Europe will understand.” Giorgetti’s message to Brussels on intrigue

Giancarlo Giorgetti intervened in the press conference to explain Nadef Just approved by the Cabinet. The presentation of the update note to the 2023 Economic and Financial Document is also an opportunity to send a message to the EU showing confidence in the outlook for negotiations with Brussels. “We believe we did that The right things“, he guarantees. 3% objective is not respected, but trust is bar (4.3%(almost 14 billion euros of debt) has been placed “At the level of absolute fairness“. In short:”What we have done, when the budget law is implemented immediately, will demonstrate our category profile to everyone and markets“Giorgetti, really believes”that brokerage There are people who do politics and do politics, so unlike central bankers who do their job and make decisions independent of other kinds of considerations, I believe they understand the situation.“.

Jab at European Central Bank is clear and the Minister states: “The job of a central banker is different from that of an economic minister – Government representative says -. If I were Christine Lagarde I would do the same things she does. Self Christine Lagarde If he were here this evening he would say the things I am saying“. Then the Minister of Economy wishes: “I am confident that the ECB will be able to manage the tools at its disposal with wisdom and foresight to guarantee the stability of the system.“Even because”This economic planning proposal is serious and responsible and I believe the response on public expenditure is a testimony to this“.

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Also, through XX Settembre the Head of Department did not see “Contact with Mes It depends on other types of assessments“. Giorgetti has very clear ideas for those who ask him if he is negotiating with Europe amid the launch of the European Stability Mechanism, with more room for maneuver on debt: “Honestly, the exchange between ESM and even this rhetoric deviations I never posted it and I never heard of it – He sentences -. It is a parallel path that answers other types of logic“, the minister underlines.

In confirming the prediction “Reduction of tax burden“and”Assistance to Families and Low Income“It will be introduced in the upcoming budget law – which will see the light of day in the middle of this autumn – the former Minister of Economic Development”The spending review will intensify the cuts“: Aim to be achieved 2 billion euros in cuts. The Infrastructure Works Fund will finance the same as any other infrastructure Bridge over the strait of Messina: “The Ministry of Infrastructure has sent a deadline for the commitment, which will certainly have the first allocation linked to the actual construction of the construction site in 2024.“, Giorgetti assures.

If, as when Privatizations To be carried out as per the decision of the Minister of Economy“, he finally declares on another topic raised during the press conference.”MPS is a great Italian success story, a solid bank, thinking about the situation it inherited even two years ago. If the operations are decided, the Minister of Economy will decide, he will say so, with the aim of strengthening the bank and the Italian banking system, avoiding the speculative events that we have seen in recent days.“.

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