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The absurd story of a flat-Earther couple who set out on foot in search of the end of the world

The absurd story of a flat-Earther couple who set out on foot in search of the end of the world

After they left Ustica, during the lockdown, they sought the end of the earth on foot. Here’s the amazing story of a couple living in Flat Earth

They wanted to land in Lampedusa but they were not migrants fleeing wars and poverty. The Venetian couple have been loyal followers From the flat earth theory. During lockdown, perhaps with the secret dream of being able to jump off the flat planet now infected with Covid-19, they decided to search for the “finis terrae”, the “edge” of the flat world. The edge which according to the two was near the island of Sicily.


The Flat Earthers set out on foot to search for the end of the world

Flat Earth

But their attempt soon turned into a real epic. Three months later, Salvatore Zecchi, who at the time was a doctor at the Ministry of Health’s Naval Sanitary Office that usually deals with migrants, told La Stampa newspaper. “The two left Veneto during the lockdown for Lampedusa, Violate all restrictions. In Termini Imerese they sold their car and bought a small boat. For them Lampedusa was the end of the earth.” At this point the problem was to get from the Tyrrhenian Sea to the Channel of Sicily by sailing around the island and arriving at Lampedusa. “The funny thing is that they oriented themselves with the compass, an instrument that operated on the base From terrestrial magnetismIt is a principle that they, as flat-Earthers, should reject.

The captain intervened

But even the compass wasn’t particularly helpful as the couple found themselves on Ustica, which is Sicily, yes, but opposite Palermo. The exhausted couple were stopped at the crossing and taken to quarantine in Palermo as a precaution. At this point, the Flat Earthers tried to escape. But the men of the port master’s office, without any haste, perhaps confident in their ability to navigate, and not quite like sea dogs, reclaimed them three hours after departure.

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Earth is flat

After a few days – says Zichichi – They tried to escape again, and ended up in the house of a myth-obsessed person who claimed to have Covid but fortunately he did notThus discovering the edge of the Earth became secondary to a safe return home. The two returned to sailing at sea only to take the ferry from Messina to Villa San Giovanni, and return to the Veneto by land. Truly an incredible story.