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EU, Italy's de facto waiver of excessive deficit.  Notification of Govt

EU, Italy's de facto waiver of excessive deficit. Notification of Govt

An obvious step. Experienced with peace people who have not just now taken the right path to recover public funds. At the same time, a warning to those who want to indulge in uncontrolled spending. “The suspension of the Stability and Growth Pact introduced following the Covid pandemic ended at the end of 2023 and was extended due to the energy crisis, based on the net debt recorded by Italy last year (7.2 percent of GDP according to the first estat. Estimates) to open an excessive deficit procedure against us and several European countries. It is clear that the Commission will recommend to the Council”. So, at a hearing before the Joint Budget Commissions on the reform of the EU administration, Economy Minister Giancarlo Giorgetti announced a “short and dry” def.

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According to the AdnKronos news agency, the Council of Ministers may actually convene on Tuesday, April 9, to approve the economic and financial document. An oversight that comes directly from the center-right majority. The Economic Minister himself in a column during the inquiry spoke of the estimates “on the 9th” or “within ten days of April”. The Northern League exponent then delved into Def. “The economic and financial document, which will be presented soon, will be the last to be submitted for your examination, because the first and third sections – the stabilization plan and the national reform plan – will be absorbed by the medium-term financial year respectively. -Structural plan and monitoring report – Giorgetti explained -. It is very much within 10 days from April I believe it will be dry The prevention clause of the agreement and the time framework for the former programming within the framework of the medium-term horizon” must be presented to the European authorities by April 30, but a transitional regime will be applied for the current year, which provides the submission. By September 20th.

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And, the minister also notes, “European legislation requires the provision of an annual monitoring report”, subject to the same deadline as the former post-control scheme.