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Equitalia, what happens if you do not pay the scrapping premium, what you need to know


Let’s find out together what happens if we cannot pay your Equitalia installment on time. It is very important to know the consequences.

Cancellation or soft definition is a provision that has allowed thousands of taxpayers to resolve outstanding situations with the tax office or rather with the collection agency. By adhering to this procedure, only the outstanding capital and notification costs can be paid. However, expenses related to penalties, late payment interest and insurance premiums are excluded.

What happens if we cannot pay the installments on time? –

As you can imagine, this is a huge saving in economic terms, especially on unpaid tax bills that have accumulated a lot of interest. Just think about that measure involved Actions between January 1, 2000 and June 30, 2022So the accumulated interest can be significant. Definition relief can be a convenient and valuable solution for those who have debts to administrations, however The rules must be carefully respected.

Failure to pay the scrapping premium is what necessitates this

One of the strictest rules, even if it can still be amended by communicating with the revenue agency by October 10, there is no doubt. Compliance with the installment payment plan. Thus, the amounts owed can be reduced over time, reaching a maximum of 5 years.

What does non-payment mean?
What happens if we miss an Equitalia installment?

But what happens in the event of non-payment, late payment or reduced payment? The consequences are serious: The benefit of cancellation is lost and the statute of limitations and forfeiture periods for debt recovery begin to run again. In other words, we’re coming out of tax amnesty, All the debt burden found on the tax bills takes effect again And deadlines start running again.

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Possibilities The tax authorities consider previous installment payments as an advance on the amount dueBut it is no longer possible to repay the remaining debt in installments in the future. However, there is the possibility of an exception to the general law, which emerged in the parliamentary discussion: a debt that has not previously been paid in several installments remains due for payment, provided that less than 60 days have passed between the date of notification of the executive law and its issuance. Date of sending the facilitated identification request.

In short, we have to pay close attention Commitment to the specified dates of the installment payment planThere is a risk of falling out of relief benefits and paying off all debts. We remember that The deadline for the first payment is scheduled to be the end of this month on the 31st.


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