Interviews with Marco Gatti, Mirko Batazza, Olga Mattioli and Ivan Toni

And the erosion of purchasing powerEconomic inflation It puts families in more difficulty than ever before. Therefore, the Finance Secretariat holds a table, which it wants to become permanent, with consumer and merchant associations. He explains: “It was agreed to sign a framework agreement between trade associations, consumer associations and the government Marco GattiMinister of Finance – to find common policies to combat inflation. The merchants agreed to make baskets with it Discounts on food. In addition to this we are thinking about the possibility Expand Smac cuts“.

Consumer associations are satisfied From this first meeting and ready to delve deeper into the topic with increasingly specific proposals. “I am satisfied with the meeting – he confirms Mirko Batazza From Asdeco -. Merchants have shown their willingness to identify the discounted products with a white-blue flag, and most likely at the entrance to the establishments you will be able to see the list of products that are part of cost containment.”

He adds: “At first we talked about long-term interventions Olga Mattioli From the University of California -, but we asked Rapid interventionsBecause people are facing difficulties and are starting to sell their family jewellery.” “I saw positivity on the table and I believe something can be done – he concludes.” Evan Tony From the Consumer Help Desk -. Now let’s wait Official proposals from the Financial Secretariat “And let’s see what comes of it.”

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In the video interviews with Marco Gatti (Minister of Finance), Mirko Pattazza (ASDECO), Olga Mattioli (UCLA) and Ivan Toni (Consumer Office)

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