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Liddell recalls a batch of Carnaroli rice: Cadmium is above limits. And he remembers the cup of pasta salad sauce: possible glass shards


A batch of Carnaroli rice under the Carosio brand, sold on the shelves of supermarket chain Lidl, has been recalled as a precaution due to chemical risks. This is what the Ministry of Health reported. In some 1 kg packages, with an expiration date of February 2025, and bar code 20505318, traces of cadmium above permissible limits were found. The recalled Carnaroli rice was produced for Lidl by Curti srl, at its Valle Lomellina factory, in the province of Pavia. In its memorandum, the Ministry calls on consumers not to eat rice and to return it to the point of sale to recover the amount paid. Taking excessive doses of cadmium, a substance classified as a specific human carcinogen, increases the risk of developing tumors. It must be said that cadmium, within the limits permitted by law, can be present in various foods, and in these cases it is absorbed by the body and remains for decades in the kidneys and liver without causing any harm. When the concentration in food becomes too high, he writes courierIt can cause diarrhea, stomach pain, and vomiting. Chronic intake can also lead to demineralization of bones – an increased risk of fractures – kidney failure, and damage to the nervous and reproductive systems.

It is not uncommon to find traces of the chemical in industrial areas. Cadmium spreads easily through wind and can settle in water and land even a very long distance from the emission site. But Carnaroli rice is not the only product to be removed from shelves in these hours. In fact, the Department of Health reported that supermarket chain Coop also chose to recall two batches of the sauce for its pasta salads. Glass shards may be present in the 285g Coop branded glass jars – lot numbers TF224 MFE173 and TF224 MFE177 and with an expiration date of August 2025. Buyers have been asked not to take the spices produced by F.lli Polli Spa for Coop Italia at the Eboli factory in the province of Salerno, but return it to the point of sale for a refund.

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