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Epiphany carries all the anticyclone! Winter General arrives in Befana ா from Scandinavia

Weather: Epiphany Takes All Antigillons! Winter General arrives in Befana from Scandinavia

The Arctic Fury was planned for EpiphanyEpiphany, as well as the holidays, can carry all the anticyclone! After a Fruiting New Year In grace African giant (With Temperatures up to 15 C above seasonal average), 2022 will reopen with anticyclonic conditions and mainly stable weather.
But the first signs of change will begin to appear in the northern parts of the Atlantic Ocean from January 3/4, but the turning point may be precisely what accompanies it. Hawk.

Canadian Spiral This structure would be an advantage as it would continue to “pressurize” the North Atlantic OceanEarly aging phase of African hypertension Is still in our country and will leave more space for threats from the Arctic Circle.

On the rightEpiphany, Thursday, January 6, The latest modeling updates shape the potential credit Winter improvement, With one Arctic-polar air mass from the North Sea and Scandinavia, Largely directed towards Central Europe and Italy. It will be different Hand wrestling Between anticyclone and Arctic cold is important, but this time the anti-corrosion action against high pressure can actually go away.

So let’s wait From January 6, 2022 A Possible climate change in Italy, With
Sharp fall temperature (Even below regular seasonal values) and with potentially bad weather in different regions.
L ‘Epiphany All parties carry on, but this time the opposition may even take over! For the benefit of the general winter …