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The chorus approves of Matterella's speech, but Berlusconi remains silent

The chorus approves of Matterella’s speech, but Berlusconi remains silent

It will be a choir. ApplauseThe last speech as president Of the Republic Sergio Matterella This is a consensus that comes from all political parties and leaders. He is alone and quiet Silvio Berlusconi Who – to tell the truth – without mentioning the head of state, at the end of the seven-year term, his farewell from Guernall was recognized by all as “flawless”. The leader of Forza Italy, who is attracted to the idea of ​​conquering the mountain without covering it up too much, intervenes on his social media and ignores the year-end speech altogether: “I wish all Italians the best of luck: 2022 may be the year of rebirth, redemption and return to peace. They are also worthy of facing sacrifices and suffering.

The task of commenting on the outgoing president’s speech is left to the party’s national coordinator. Antonio Tajani “Let President Matterella share the message: Good on vaccines, good with a strong sense of national unity. A message from a President, he well explained his role as Head of State.” For example, there are compliments compared to what came Renato Brunetta Force Minister who made no secret Take a good look at Mario climbing to the goal of the track, Perhaps with pronounced powers. “Thank you, President Materella. Thank you for your honest, non-rhetorical, essential words. You reminded us in a few minutes of the basics of our community, the value of responsibility, national unity and solidarity. How vaccines save thousands of lives and are waiting. It is a disgrace to waste an opportunity. “

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He was the first Draghi He wanted to thank Matterella for his call for national unity, solidarity and patriotism. The Prime Minister said his “words that touch the hearts of all citizens. Happy New Year to Italy”, who knows that he is the heir apparent to the head of state. A little message of affection and respect.

Chamber and Senate Presidents for the rest, Roberto I e Elizabeth Castelli Words of appreciation reach out to the representatives of all parliamentary committees. For the last speech and for the action of Matterella during his seven years as head of state. Ordering too fast for agencies Matteo Renzi He was the King Maker of the election seven years ago: “Thank you President Matterella for choosing the future by changing the Italian government in 2021. Thank you for these seven years of intense and tough but courageous and beautiful. Thank you for finally pointing out the crucial importance of vaccines. , The joy of 2022 “, says the head of Italia Viva. Secretary of the Democratic Party, Enrico Letta, Materella touches on some of the key themes in her farewell address: “We are grateful to the President for ending his seven-year term. We are grateful to him for how he was able to represent the nation. Italy can be proud of its president and thanks to him it can be proud of its institutions.

Cinquestelle applauds without hesitation: “Thanks to President Matterella who took the whole country on his shoulders in the darkest moments and in the face of the plight of the people cut off by the epidemic. He never lost his support. Luigi de Mayo, Who came to presume the charge against Collie’s tenant – in the pre-birth column of the Cricket Northern League government – was later able to identify what he had done wrong. Even the head of the M5S, Giuseppe Conte, Has handed over his opinion to Facebook: “Materella’s words portray the horizon of a political commitment from which we can not escape. Then there is the appeal for unity and the responsibility of each and every one of us in these difficult moments to find unity, solidarity, moral strength, hope and optimism, never to tire of ourselves, all the messages that reinforce the pride I feel in living with all Italian citizens – the real moments of recent years, the real ones. People who can trust a guide who is always focused on needs, for the common good, for the good of Italy, President Matterella, thank you from all of us.

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Speech at the end of the year, Matterella: “When faced with an epidemic from Italians, a mature response. Denying the vaccine is a crime for those who do not have it”

Echoes of the rivalry for the Kurinale heirloom also echoed in the minds of some leaders. President of the Society Matteo Salvini, For example: “Thanks to President Matterella for everything and everything. We share with the President the pride and gratitude of all Italians, health workers, volunteers and police who have shown responsibility, patience, dignity, strength and strength. In a paradoxical government like ours, we commend the President’s words to those who have accepted the responsibility of contributing to the leadership of the country: in 2022 we will all reap the fruits of these sacrifices and this commitment, even in these hours we find ourselves focused on confronting the dramatic rise in electricity and gas tariffs represented by Islamic terrorism The protection of the Christian life and values ​​has never been questioned anywhere for any reason We thank him for the dedication of these years and we assure him that Lega will be center-right and decisive and decisive in choosing his successor, and we hope that in the end he was not directly elected by the Italian people.

More frankly, the leader of the Italian brethren, Georgia Maloney, From the speech of the outgoing head of state begins to reiterate his “plan” in the election contest for successor: “President Matterella for his farewell words, to the highest and greatest institutional value. Moving closer. Italians from all walks of life, thanks to the inspiration and divisions of companies and men for continuing to raise one’s head,” This year’s final message translates into a worthy high and noble end of a difficult seven year period. They end up with Meloni – know they’ve against it. Make sure “. Not long ago, Georgia Maloney reiterated her position on social media about returning to the polls for political elections: “I hope the Italians will soon be given the opportunity to choose who they want to represent. The head of state will be the focal point. We have to go back to voting anyway. “