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English dancer Orla Baxendale, 25, ate a peanut cookie and died.

English dancer Orla Baxendale, 25, ate a peanut cookie and died.

Orla BaxendaleYoung woman 25 year old English dancer, She died on January 11 in United States of America(In Hartford, Connecticut). Fatal to young people Allergic reaction After taking a Peanut biscuits.

Orla Baxendale eats biscuits and dies: Peanuts are not indicated on the product

As reported by the American media, on the product packaging vanilla florentine cookies, Purchased from a local chain store stew leonard, The presence of peanuts was not reported.

Orla was moved Lancashire in New York In 2018 to try to achieve her dream of becoming a professional dancer.

Victim's family version

According to what I reported Members of the victim's family, On January 11, the girl, who knew she had a severe allergy to peanuts, was in Connecticut.

Her family explained that she went to a store, and as usual, she made sure to check the food she bought, knowing she was allergic.

Her relatives confirmed: “She was very careful about everything she ate, and always checked the labels.” It was said: “He always carried it with himAutomatic adrenaline injector He explained to the people who were with him how to act in the event of an allergic reaction.”

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A series of precautions which, unfortunately, did not allow her to save herself.

“As soon as he started to feel the first symptoms, he immediately used adrenaline – explained the lawyer – but it was clearly ineffective.”

Recriminations between Stew Leonard's and Cookies United

After the tragedy, Stew Leonard's recalled more than 500 boxes of the sweets that were on sale at two of its three stores in Connecticut.

The company also warned in a statement that “all consumers with peanut allergies should return the cookies for a full refund.”

In the same letter, the chain also confirmed that “the manufacturer has modified the recipe” and that the presence of “peanuts and even eggs” has not been reported. But the retailer was never notified.”

But this version was denied by the manufacturer itself, united cookies, Who instead claimed that the supermarket had been notified last July and that the error on the label was therefore attributable to Stew Leonard's.

“The correct formulation of all ingredients on labels is essential, as it is the only way to protect people with very serious allergies like these,” explained Manisha Jothani, Commissioner of the Department of Public Health.

“We will continue to work with all our partners, including restaurants and retailers, to raise awareness of this issue and ensure the rules are always followed,” Jothani concluded.

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Image source: ANSA