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Video of the Pope’s greeting to Edna, who is seriously ill: “Keep fighting”

Video of the Pope’s greeting to Edna, who is seriously ill: “Keep fighting”

The young Portuguese woman had sent a letter to Francis in June in which she wrote to express her suffering to young people on World Youth Day in Lisbon. “I will accompany you on this journey you are making,” answered the Pope, when it seemed to the girl that she had but little time left to live. But today, a new greeting: “Continue to pray for young people who need strength.” In another video, the Pope also received 107-year-old Maria da Conceição, whom he met in Lisbon.

Salvatore Cernozio – Vatican City

Perhaps she herself did not believe that her body, weakened by a serious illness that had haunted her for eight years, was capable of such resistance. “The doctor said he did not know when I would meet Jesus, but it would be soon,” he wrote to the Pope in a letter from the hospital in June last year. Edna Rodriguez, 17, is still alive and, despite so much suffering, continues to move forward with the same calmness that animated Francisco. Today, the Pope himself wanted to greet his “friend” again. He did this through a short video clip recorded by Cardinal Américo Manuel Alves Aguiar, Bishop of Setubal (Portugal), one of the organizers of World Youth Day.

The Pope's words in the video

“Edna, I remember you…,” the Pope begins in the video. “I remember that you gave all your illness and suffering on Youth Day. Thank you for this, and thank you for continuing to fight, continue to advance, continue to advance!”. “Continue – Francis urges the girl – to pray for the many young people who need the strength to move forward. And do not forget that you are one of the pillars of Youth Day. May God bless you, and may the Virgin Mary watch over you, and do not forget to pray for me. Welcome!

Young Edna in her parish in Lisbon

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They exchanged messages and videos last year

Last year, Edna participated in World Youth Day in August in Lisbon, her native Portugal. An opportunity to get to know the Pope “who is important to me and my family” more closely; More than anything else was the hope that he could do it, with the clear awareness that his physical strength did not allow for it. In fact, the young woman was not able to participate in this great event with her peers from the parish of San Massimiliano Colbe, on the outskirts of the Portuguese capital, and with other boys and girls from the five continents. “When I learned that the day would be held in Portugal, I was very happy, because every time I see the Pope speaking on TV, I feel good, as if I did not have any illness that would prevent me from participating in World Youth Day,” she wrote in the letter to Jorge. Mario Bergoglio. Who immediately responded with a one-minute video message in which he said “thank you” to the girl six times. I thank you for your “tenderness” and for the “peace” that you have in your heart, which – as the Pope said – is “like a seed planted in the hearts of all who see you and all who speak with you.” . “I accompany you on this journey that you are on. I will accompany you and know that you will be well received,” Francesco added. “I accompany you by praying for you, praying with you, and looking to Jesus, who is always waiting for us.”

Meeting of the Pope with Maria da Conceição Brito Mendonça, 107 years old

Meeting of the Pope with Maria da Conceição Brito Mendonça, 107 years old

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A message to the 107-year-old Portuguese woman and to young people on World Youth Day

The Pope also confirmed today's prayers for Maria da Conceição Brito Mendonça, a 107-year-old woman born on the day of the Fatima apparitions, May 13, 1917, whom he met at the nunciature in Lisbon and who brought him the rosary. gift. “You are strong and you are moving forward. Do not slow down, continue praying the Rosary, to support the Church with your prayers and joy,” the Pontiff tells her in a video clip recorded today by Cardinal Aguiar.

The Cardinal – who was appointed Cardinal of the Consistory in September 2023 – then asked the Pope to also be able to send a few words to the many boys and girls who participated in the Portuguese World Youth Day and who are already preparing for the next World Youth Day scheduled in Seoul (South Korea). “They tell me that I have to provoke you guys, otherwise you will fall asleep. No! You don’t fall asleep, do you? Don’t fall asleep,” Francisco is heard saying in the video. “Panama, Lisbon, Seoul, it’s a trip for you – he adds -. It's a journey you take and it's an interesting journey that leaves its mark. It is important to leave traces in life, to leave something you did. You can say: A young man passed by and left this mark. Think about this for a while: “What footprints have I left in my life?” And keep moving forward, and don't get discouraged.”