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England was so destroyed - Libero Quotidiano

England was so destroyed – Libero Quotidiano

The art of preparing the final. On the board, it is appropriate to say, Professor Roberto Mancini. We are in the belly WembleyA few minutes after the final, Euro 2020 against theEngland, the great hostess and favorite of Victory. The entire stadium, except for the blue part, is white and harmonious ”She’s back home“, Dochi William e Kate Middleton and the prince George Before. The atmosphere is a great celebration with one sacrificial lamb: Italy.

The British press has been bombarding for days, and it seems that the Three Lions are able to reclaim their first European title, after the huge setback they suffered. 1996. On the eve, the Dutch fear of arbitration services Kuipers In a farewell move, after a semi-final push against Denmark in favor of the English. The danger to the Azzurri is twofold: on the one hand, resting on their laurels, after exploits in the quarter-finals against. Belgium And in the semi-finals with Spain. No one could objectively ask them for more, after the tournament held at the top of the class. The second danger is the danger of the whole pretext: at the first headwinds blow, the temptation to succumb to an inevitable fate. Elena clap them cup. Well done, congratulations, you will be next time.

but not. Coach Mancini on the one hand downplays it and jokes, on the other hand makes our team responsible. His motivational speech ended during the technical meeting in the docu . series Blue Dream – The Road to Wembley Which will be broadcast on Thursday, July 15th at 20:30 on Rai1 channel. The excerpt, short one minute, sexy. First, Mancio draws the names of the eleven owners on the list. Gigio, Delo, Leo, Giorgio, Spina…” Moments of silence, he really said Spinazzola, seriously injured against Belgium. Then the coach looks at his plays and laughs cunningly – Emerson. Jorgio, Marco, Bare, Ciro, Lorenzo, Federico.” A few words, a message that enters the players and we imagine it no longer even goes out for penalties. And above all it will bounce in their heads after the first disappointing and difficult 45 minutes. “So, I have nothing to say. . You know what you are, and we’re not here by chance. We are the masters of our destiny, we are not the judge, nor the adversaries, nor anyone. You know what you have to do. “In the end, they did. And it was great.

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