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Elari Blasey Caught Him Without Clothes: He's So Famous - The Democrat

Elari Blasey Caught Him Without Clothes: He’s So Famous – The Democrat

Francesco Totti’s wife was caught with a very famous person without clothes. Let’s find out all the details together

Despite the rumors that pervaded the last months of his life, Elari She continues to show her best smile in the program she ran. Obviously, rumors about the alleged crisis with the former Roma captain did not affect the good mood of the Romanian showgirl. Instead, the latter seemed focused and excited about this new challenge she’s been involved in that will keep her busy for at least the next couple of months.

Elari Blasey (web source)

The chores that you must attend as a popular format presenter as discussed are countless. Fortunately, Blasey is on her side Righteous Collaborators who constantly help her in trying to support the correct development of the reality show. In addition, a wonderful forty-year-old girl from Rome can have the support of two trusted opinion leaders, Vladimir Luxoria and Nicolas Savino.

As for the couple’s alleged problems with her husband, Elari chose to appear in person on two TV shows to deny it all. Initially, she was a guest of Silvia Tovanen, who gave an interview to her through microphones “very right”while recently accepting the invitation of Francesca Vagnani to participate in the filming of the film “monsters”.

Caught with Elari Blasey: Here’s the offending photo

It was also assumed by Blasey’s behavior Francesco Totti. The massive number 10 player from Gelorossi uploaded some videos to his Instagram profile where he first denied the allegations, then announced that he was tired of all the gossip rumors about his family.

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But yesterday evening, a screenshot Ilary posted on social media once again caused a stir. In the photo in question we see a famous person without clothes but only in a tank top and underpants inside the dressing roomwith Blasey adding the following sentence: It happens at the end of the episode.. The subject of the picture is Nicolas Savinois a columnist for this 16th edition of the popular book The Island of the Paired with Vladimir Luxuria.

Nicolas Savino (Instagram Stories by Elari Blasey)

Naturally There is a nice friendship between the anchor and her colleague, so the shot we can see above only indicates a high level of trust between the two sides of the reality show by Mediaset. In the past Ilary and Nicola collaborated on some other shows, which is why it grew up great feeling Which is also evident during the formula’s live broadcast.