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Michelle Hunziker says goodbye to Trussardi and chooses Armani

Michelle Hunziker says goodbye to Trussardi and chooses Armani

The Hunziker-Trussardi couple breaks up and patriotic rumors are revived. The reasons.. the last shots together.. the leave alone and the nursery of the girls.. the topics on the media are many and varied. One of these is the “difficult” relationship. Michael Hunziker With the fashion house founded by my father Tommaso Trussardi And who is its chief.

Michael Hunziker’s job

Michelle Hunziker pairs Giorgio Armani dresses
Michele Hunziker during makeup at Giorgio Armani

Michael Hunziker never chose Trussardi As an exclusive brand for her clothing and especially for special occasions. The post published the day before the note about the breakup seemed very clarifying, as it said: “Whenever I find myself doing fashion training Giorgio Armani It means that something important is about to happen to me at work… It has always marked my most exciting experiences and it will be so again this time“.

Michele does not go to a wedding with Trussardi

Armani (not Trussardi)He confirmed again. There are many precedents to mention. Perhaps the most striking thing is that Michael Hunziker get married Tommaso Trussardi 2014 in a white dress Anthony Rivera (Check it here).
And then, except for the campaign Luffy Bag Trussardi In 2016, Hunziker never associated her image with that of the company.
In the wardrobe of the former Mrs. Trussardi now there are many fashion brands ranging from low-cost to the best: marital fidelity did not extend to the exclusive use of family items. Whether it was his choice, or rather a corporate line, is unknown.

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The surprise is Armani

Michele Hunziker Sanremo's best look is Giorgio Armani Privé
The Hunziker at Sanremo 2018 in Giorgio Armani Privé

Returning to the post, one wonders about the new function Michael Hunziker. Fresh from success All of them nowThe presenter mysteriously announced a new adventure. Two weeks after Sanremo, many thought of a guest at Ariston. And I remembered him, the Swiss blonde Sanremo, who changed her dresses Giorgio Armani, From Alberta Ferretti, From Moschino And also Trussardi (We click, with some criticism of the latter as well). We are waiting to meet the next stage of Hunziker, what is certain is that with Giorgio Armani the cooperation continues, with Tommaso Trussardi Unfortunately no.

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