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ECB interest rates, three cuts from June 2024?

ECB interest rates, three cuts from June 2024?

S&P Global Ratings expects the European Central Bank to cut interest rates three times in 2024, starting in June. According to the rating agency, The probability of further interest rate cuts in 2025 appears to be more limited than previously thought; The European Central Bank's deposit rate, Standard & Poor's ratings agency said, could reach 2.5% in 2025, as opposed to the 2% previously considered.

According to the agency, The European economy continues the trend of improving activity and moderating employment growth. However, Standard & Poor's Ratings believes that uncertainty over productivity trends and the slow implementation of the EU's next-generation recovery plan may cause the growth recovery to be weaker than expected. Standard & Poor's Global It revised down its GDP growth forecast to 2025To 1.3% from 1.5%.

on the contrary, Standard & Poor's credit ratings agency raised its inflation forecast slightly To reach 2.1% in 2025 and 1.9% in 2026, in light of the continued growth of high wages in the context of slow productivity.

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