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ebike license can become mandatory in California


ebike license can become mandatory in California

A bill under discussion that could make private licensing mandatory for riding e-bikes in California.

When the rules that look a bit You exaggerate They come from the United States, the “land of the free,” and they even come beyond our ears. So here’s the news Mandatory e-bike driving license It causes discussion even before it takes final shape.

at present“Assembly Bill 530” It is simple law proposalbut in any case it is an expression of an underlying problem, or at least of a phenomenon that is perceived as such.

It seems that more and more young people in California are choosing e-bikes as their only means of private transportation to move around the city. This means that so far, Many road users do not know the road code. And this – according to the promoters of the law – is a danger to themselves and others. In fact, eBikes are vehicles that are roughly comparable to mini scooters in terms of size and speed. In fact, the maximum speed allowed in the United States is 20 mph, which is more than 32 kilometers per hour. A respectful enough gait to pose a real danger if not managed properly.

What does the bill say?

L’“Assembly Bill 530” It mainly concerns two points. The first is to introduce a compulsory driver’s license for all users who do not already have another license (for a car or motorcycle, for example). To obtain the license, it will be necessary to take a written online test that confirms knowledge of the Highway Code. At the same time, training courses and collaborations with organizations such as the DMV (Department of Motor Vehicles) and the California Highway Patrol will be revitalized.

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The second point, and it is certainly more plausible, would be that it would put a ban on the use of e-bikes for children under 12 years of age. There’s not much to say about this, it’s simply capped the ability to drive what, as we said, is a real mode of transport.

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