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Eating without gaining weight? According to this study, it is possible: The method is very simple

Avoiding a lot of calories is important not only for those who are on a diet, but also for not gaining weight and ensuring the psychophysical well-being of our body. Now the goal can be achieved by a truly unimaginable “trick”.

So you are consuming fewer calories (web source)

Our body needs energy to carry out daily tasks, which can come from food. However, in order to be healthy, this should be as balanced as possible, although it is still possible to indulge, at least occasionally, in some exceptions to the rule.

The result can be obtained taking into account the number of calories in what we eat, but not only: they are the same The nutritional values ​​and macronutrients present are important. However, the ideal amount can vary from several factors: in addition to gender and age, weight, height and activities to be performed during the day must also be taken into account.

Pay attention to how many calories you consume: some bingeing is allowed

Avoiding exceeding our daily calorie requirements is important if we don’t want to end up on a diet And give up what we love best. Otherwise, in fact, even the body is burdened and it may be difficult to perform normal physical exertion.

Perhaps not everyone knows this but it is also possible to balance the number of calories with what we eat. This is what emerged from a study conducted by some researchers from Brigham Young University and Colorado State University, and published in the American Journal of Food Quality and Preference. The texture of the food can also be crucial.

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Focusing on something crunchy (and by that we mean something that makes us noisy when we eat it) can allow us to fill up sooner.. However, this may not find a positive opinion of those who expressed their discomfort when they have someone at the table who eats in an overly obvious manner.

Snacks are also allowed

The result that came out in the test was really amazing. The volunteers who could hear the sound of food chewing were also those who ate a smaller portion of the crunchy snacks (2.75 vs. 4). And in their case, they consumed 30% fewer calories than those who were disturbed by external background noises and noises such as television, radio, and music in earphones.

Obviously, the effect can vary depending on what you decide to take. Those who have the opportunity to hear the noise of food (it can be up to 63 decibels, higher than what happens with conversation) and therefore end up eating less and feeling more relaxed.

It is not difficult to determine why we prefer crunchy products, the ones that produce in jargon what is called a “crunch test”. Every tasty and crunchy product is processed by our brain as healthy.

Calorie snacks
picture | Pixabay

It is no coincidence that even those who go through a phase of extreme stress end up preferring foods that are noisy, and therefore crunchy. In this case, it increases the production of serotonin, which has a calming and relaxing effect on the psyche of people. In this way, chewing also takes longer, and therefore we feel the taste of your chosen one more. In short, sometimes a nice thing isn’t so bad.

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