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Beijing Express, previews: competitors and news

Beijing Express, previews: competitors and news

Pending the return of the Beijing Express, which will arrive next year in the tenth version, there are many rumors regarding the real-life Sky Uno game. From the middle of next year to possible new competitors, rumors indicate a lot of information about the next season of the program conducted by Costantino della Gherardesca.

Start date of the new version of Beijing ExpressBut it is progress leaking from different Common Looks like there could be a lot more next year Ads.

And above all, there will be the clear syllable A 8 . TV. As reported by TvBlog, it appears that the move from Ray Dio to me Sky One From Beijing Express necessarily share a drop in ratings Too radical.

To stop losing the audience, therefore, it seems that next year the reality show will be broadcast on both Sky One What is clear 8 . TVSo as not to lose the audience who does not subscribe to the platform.

Beijing Express start date and destinations

Beijing express Victoria Cabello

The latest version of Beijing Express It was broadcast from March 10, 2022 to May 12 of the same year, and it seems that for the next year as well, the reality game can be broadcasted live in Itself season.

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There will also be rumors about the goals that the next competitors in the program will reach. user Twitter He recently shared a photo while he was at it Laos Where it was found on the model street Science Indicating the path with the logo Beijing pass.

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From here, the hypotheses that have arisen are that the path of the upcoming release of reality will touch various countries of the world. Southeast Asia.

Who will be the competitors?

Beijing Express

also Common Their potential competitors are trading for some time. The couple is very popular Clizia Incorvaia and her mother-in-law Eleonora Georgia. Former competitor of Gf VIP 4 He had already engaged with his ex-partner Francis Sarsinaitem de The vibrationsbut there are many voices who would like to return to the program.

There is also a duo coming straight from Island Famous: The couple will be formed by Eduardo Tavasi And the Nicholas Vaporides.