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Il tempo previsto per la prossima settimana

During the week, sun on Monday, cold attack from the Balkans from Wednesday; Expected effects »

Weather: During the week, sunny Monday, cold attack from the Balkans from Wednesday; Expected results

Weather forecast for next weekNext week to be exact Wednesday 21stLet’s see what’s new Cold attack arriving directly from the neighboring lands of the Balkans.

As is often the case in the transition weeks between one season and another, Italy is literally between a rock and a hard place: in short No one knows how to dress Going from one extreme to the other in a matter of days (or hours!). Okay over New week A The resistance of the Azores was revived It will try to impose on our country; But beware, according to the latest updates we got, it looks like it won’t last long with the arrival of a new push of cold air from the Balkans.

However, the week will open with one Monday, September 19 in one’s name Updated Atmospheric Stability Thanks to the advance of the Azores anticyclone, it can spread from the west over much of Western Europe, including Italy. Even more so across the sun’s territory temperature However they are very low, especially in the early morning with values ​​up to a few degrees below the climatological average.

However, according to the latest updates, this peace will not last long Actually Wednesday 21st September A new cold inspiration seems destined to reach Italy. As for the type of configuration with cold and unsteady currents coming from the Scandinavian Peninsula and Russia towards the Balkan region, The most exposed areas are the Adriatic regions And part of them of the South: In these fields they should not be excluded for the second part of the week Violent thunderstorms, With a high risk of hail and localized storms Unfortunately recent news teaches us that.

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This is unpredictable Unstable top“The forecast of its direction may change in the next few days and I Temporary They may affect different or larger regions or avoid Italy altogether.

So we have to wait for new updates to get a clear picture of the situation. Stay with us for more details.Fresh cold air pulse on Wednesday 21st SeptemberFresh cold air pulse on Wednesday 21st September