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Pharma, Dr.  Esposito was reinstated.  Suspended twice (for six months) after reporting maladministration in the region

Pharma, Dr. Esposito was reinstated. Suspended twice (for six months) after reporting maladministration in the region

“Relax? And what’s more, I’m finally happy, even though I’m afraid of further revenge.” The teacher returns to work. Susanna EspositoDirector of Children’s HospitalBurma Hospital That the company was suspended 180 daysCTwo actions followed. He had written a letter to the regional head Bonacini And a letter from the Health Councilor papering over the shortcomings in health governance during the period of Covid and beyond. For this she was punished by the general administration. Labor judge Elena Orlandi of the Parma Court agreed Appeal Esposito declared the rule illegal and suspended its effects. Teacher should return to work October 25, but as of today he can resume his position in the ward, without having to serve the full second term of two imposed by the administration. This is the second time this has happened.

Esposito is an internationally renowned Milanese physician, with his prescriptions He exploded the so-called “Umbrian Sanitopoli”, which led to an investigation in 2018. The Perugia chief was beheaded of Pd. She was retaliated by the hospital administration for “speaking out” — to the sound of disciplinary rules — “she was to be beaten severely, It hurts“: They suspended from service Four months, with allegations that later turned out to be false. The investigation ran its course, and the pediatrician went Emilia Romagna But operates on apparently equally perverse dynamics. “Even then, with wiretapping published in newspapers and weekly magazines, I was able to return to work before the suspension was over, even though the hospital’s leaders were arrested,” he says today, underscoring how some of his reports are. ‘This is linked to an ongoing investigation into the hospital’s management during Covid, which infers crimes such as culpable contagion, malpractice and fraud.

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On merits, the suspension was held to be illegal on two counts. “First – the lawyer explains Cesare Bozoli – It was “delayed” because the hospital company, which had already imposed the first suspension in April, had known for months about the letter sent by Professor Esposito to the top management of the region in November 2021, but waited. instrumentally eight months and impose another until the last day of suspension”. The second reason is that the letter of complaint does not represent “the most serious breach of official duties” according to the law, but it is part of a worker’s disclosure action and therefore the action is considered proportionate.

The judge also held that the illegal suspension was prejudicial to him professional And a picture of a professor who boasts an international-level science curriculum. Since he intervened for the first time about 10 days after the “sentence” was almost complete, he did not recognize this as irreparable prejudice because the two judgments by the same judge carried a different tone and weight. served In the second judgment, the judge made a different decision as to “suspension of service relationship”. [è stata] Sustained by the adoption of additional suspension action such as determining the exclusion of the applicant from hospital activities for half a year. The sentence probably has an impact Because of the mob Started by Esposito Advocate of Pharma But in two other proceedings initiated against him by the University of Parma based on symptoms obtained from the hospital.