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Dream job is to become a psychologist. The singers go down


What is a file dream job Italians? But above all, what does he want to do? Over the past few years, transformations in society have been many, but above all very rapid. At the same time, career paths are changing Considered more interesting.

He thought about evaluating these changes clingsa company specialized in developing and enhancing human capital, which highlighted how the The views of Italians in relation to work. But above all what are the professional expectations of those directly involved, which have changed radically compared to what they were ten years ago.

dream job

A study by Adecco sheds light on how expectations of the Italians. interest in grew health care professions And those generally associated with Psychological and physical well-being. Some profound changes included the sector Show and entertainment and the Human professions. It seems that the least interest aroused legal professions and those related to law enforcement and security in general.

Health professions

Among the professions that have taken off are, in a sense, related onesHealth and well-being. Certainly thanks to the commitment of professionals in overcoming the most critical moments of the pandemic. Compared to ten years ago, the interest was in a career doctor (+ 85%) And for thatnurse (+ 39%).

A real breakthrough was also recorded by the profession related to mental and physical health:

  • psychologist: +148%;
  • nutrition specialist: + 349%.

Human professions

Someone predicted that the emergence of artificial intelligence will create Gradual exit from the humanities. Actually it does not. In our country, the interest in these professional personalities is still strong, even if the continuous technological innovation has led to many companies looking for profiles with this kind of skills to associate them with digital companies.

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Compared to ten years ago, those who intend to do this are growing significantly A career in spreading knowledgeAnd or that, in some way, is related to Narrative. 75% of those who declared their desire to take up this profession as writerThose who want to do so are up 78%. Mr And 123% want to do it like Teacher.

The Indiana Jones charm is gone: interest in the career collapses by 51%. Archaeologist. The number of those who aspire to become less by 9%. journalist. The lower demand is likely related to the crisis the two sectors are going through, which leads to a subsequent decline in career opportunities in this field.

Work in the world of entertainment

Entertainment and the entertainment world are the two sectors that have undergone the most significant transformations over the past ten years. The advent of social networks certainly affected the sector they brought To create new platforms. The number of people who want to become one is decreasing singer (-50%) Who wants to become The YouTube (-13%). Prosperity of who wants to become influencers: 505%.

legal professions

Professions related to Study the constitution and the legislative authority. Only the profession of resistance NotaryWhich is seeing interest growth of 116% compared to ten years ago. In the regression that he wants to become Judge (-20%) or lawyer (-28%).

sports professions

profession Footballer Still evergreen: interest grows by 27%. However, the appeal pilot Which, at least compared to 10 years ago, interest in it has grown by 44%.

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