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Esselunga Christmas Prizes: The exciting marketing campaign that everyone has been waiting for

Esselunga Christmas Prizes: The exciting marketing campaign that everyone has been waiting for

Christmas gifts for Esselunga customers: more than 28 million prizes for the lucky winners.

Esselunga merchandising, now a tradition, will be a great success among consumers.

In the light of Christmas and On the occasion of the 65th anniversary of its foundingin Esselunga they turn themselves in 565,000 awards, and the the total affiliate jackpot I arrive 28,824,420.00 euros.

Christmas in Esselunga: an avalanche of prizes

also in 2017 We had a similar offer in Esselunga supermarkets, when it was put up for grabs 1000 iPhones per day, In the 2015when others are set 1000 smart cars as earnings.

In Milan there are a large number of Esselunga supermarkets, e.g in this period It becomes common to have a family member or friend given it Esselunga Award From the value Center 50 euros at least.

What immediately comes to mind is how Esselunga managed to cover such an outlay of money. However, if you look at earn Average annual From long SYou will find that the rewards you offer are small compared to what you get from customer retention.

In the 2021the Esselunga supermarket chain has compiled a dossier Consolidated financial statements of value 8561.2 million euros.

Awards are available in 2022 from Esselunga

The new initiative could be more effective than previous years’ initiative. also this yearIn fact, we find some Folders are very similar to packing cards, In which you can try your luck to win very attractive prizes.

Esselunga Gifts, this year They are really very coveted. We ownespecially:

  • 3500 iPads apple;
  • 3,000 MacBooks apple;
  • 54,000 baskets free gift;
  • 206,000 bottles of Ferrari Brut sparkling wine;
  • 1500 Sony TVs With a screen of 55 inches
  • 4,000 cars Now pictures from Polaroid.
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The purpose of the Esselunga Awards

Awards in Esselunga, as in any other work, have a Dual purpose. The first is of course attract consumers For shopping at points of sale, which significantly increases the company’s turnover.

The second is Create a better image to appear abroad. this is It will increase reputation From businesses to the general public.

It is clear, then, how the prize initiative leads to a significant increase in the income of the Esselunga supermarket chain, and consumers are expected to respond appropriately as well, and above all, this year.

Indeed, in the face of the crisis we are going through, it is not easy to win a luxury technological good, such as an Apple product, or even a new big screen TV.

A basket full of foods and things for the Christmas period is also welcome, which in a not simple way can comfort every consumer, especially those who find it difficult to fill the cart.

Once again this year, Esselunga has proven itself to be the epitome of marketing, with an attention to customers that few supermarket chains are able to match.