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2024 salaries, what changes with the reduction in personal income tax rates: increases up to 200 euros

2024 salaries, what changes with the reduction in personal income tax rates: increases up to 200 euros

Rome – with the green light of the financial delegation by Parliament that Targets set, tax reform is in full swing. The next step to mark in the calendar is the start of the budget session at the end of September. On this occasion, the government will present the update memorandum to the defense (NADEF).The starting point for the 2024 Budget Law and the effects of the reform on the payroll of workers and retirees will be evident starting next year.

valid for two years, The enabling law defined the limits of tax reform on the basis that there are no additional burdens on the public finances of the state or an increase in the tax burden.. One of the main goals of the reform is to reduce personal income tax rates from four to three. As explained by the Deputy MinisterEconomist Maurizio Leo The intention of the executive to “get towards a flat tax” While respecting the principle of progressiveness enshrined in the Constitution.

Except for the hypothesis of merging the first two income tranches into one rate, Raising the 1 Series threshold to 25,000 euros from the current 15,000 seems the most likely. In this case, with the Irpef rate stable at 23%, the annual increase in the workers’ payroll would amount to €200. As mentioned in the last section of the room, the repair of the Irbf must take into account other factors such as the composition of the family nucleus, the presence of persons with disabilities or the permanence of the house where the work is carried out Energy efficiency, items that can generate more savings at the tax return stage.

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Among the specific goals of tax reform A tax cut for income allowances earned by workers during the year is also in the works. For the 13th salary, the idea is to reduce the personal income tax rate from 23 to 15% with savings of up to 80 euros on salary for each employee. Tax reform could also step in to eliminate overtime but it is still too early to know what actual resources will be available for the government to manoeuvre. Reform could continue with lower taxes on productivity allowances, in line with the recent budget law This reduced the rate of productivity bonuses from 10 to 5% in the range of €3,000. The reform could also put a hand on the no-tax zone: An income threshold below the state does not levy any taxes. The idea is to standardize it For employees and retirees, they are currently set at 8,174 euros and 8,500 euros, respectively.

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