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Don’t update Windows if you have this graphics card: everything crashes

Don’t update Windows if you have this graphics card: everything crashes

Updating Windows is always the best option, but not if you have that graphics card. With the latest update, everything stops: here’s what’s happening.

It is always important to keep your operating system updated, especially if we are talking about Windows, and ready to constantly implement new features for users. However, before applying the update, you will have to be very careful, especially if you have this graphics card.

Be careful when updating Windows if you have a graphics card –

Updating the Windows operating system is useful for many reasons, from user security to the performance of the device we use. However, oftentimes, to download the latest update, you still have to have a device with it available All components are compatible with the new update. Otherwise, many inconveniences can occur that may lead to your computer getting banned. This particular problem occurs with everyone who uses a specific video card.

What’s even more surprising is that we’re talking about one of AMD’s best graphics cards, but this is not the time to do the latest Windows update. This was revealed by users filling the AMD forum. In detail, the update reaches the eye of the storm KB5030310 which does not seem to be compatible with the AMD Adrenalin control board. In fact, it appears that when users reboot their computers, the video card settings are restored to the default values, causing any changes made such as AMD’s Anti-Lag or Hyper RX to disappear.

Do not update Windows if you have an AMD video card: error affecting users

The first reports of problems arrived right after the latest Windows 11 update. On the AMD blog, a user revealed that Adrenalin 23.9.3 resets itself to the default setting values ​​with every reboot, thus reporting a sudden system error. However, some good news emerges from this error, with New GPU that seems to work well. The user then specifies that they have an Asus RX 7900 XTX and everything else is stable. However, this error can be annoying.

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Windows graphics card
AMD graphics card creates this problem when updating Windows – screenshot –

Until now, it is still impossible to understand for sure whether the problem is caused by Microsoft’s latest update. What is certain is that a patch will arrive soon directly from AMD, along with the arrival of a new driver. It must also be said that Microsoft has a proven track record of delivering flawless updates It hasn’t been great lately. In fact, we should remember that two weeks ago, a Windows 11 update caused blue screens.

As if that wasn’t enough, users have also reported lag in games like Starfield. However, at the moment, Microsoft does not recognize the adrenaline issue as it is known thus Correction may take some time. For users with AMD’s Adrenalin software, the only advice to follow is to not install the latest Windows update.