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Don’t forget to do this before eating canned tuna, as it affects our health


Canned tuna is one of those foods that are much appreciated but also many criticized. It is considered university food par excellence, the food quality and ease of eating make it the star of many dishes. In salads, as a sauce for pasta or rice, in a sandwich, tuna is good everywhere.

If this life-saving food makes every dish more or less simple, what makes it unmistakable is above all a tin can. Just lift the tongue and create a slight effect And here you areHere, we can pour it wherever we want. But pay attention to one basic thing that we often forget to do before opening a can of tuna.

Just like cans of drinks

Cans Fish And soft drink cans not only share easy and practical opening, but there is more. Unfortunately, their common factor is also a very unhealthy factor or, better to say, completely harmful. We refer to the germs that accumulate next to the tongue, specifically in that part where we put our lips to drink. Although the case for tuna is different because we don’t eat it straight from the can (thank God!), Even here it is imperative to be careful. In fact, when we open it to pour fish onto the plate, we risk its contents coming into contact with the outside, dirty parts that are full of bacteria. Remember that such parcels often remain for a long time in basements and in private warehouses, awaiting transportation. During this time, various pets may pass over it or the dust may simply accumulate.

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Don’t forget to do this before eating canned tuna, as it affects our health

So what should we do to avoid the risk of coming into contact with the beloved tuna with germs of all types and traits? Well, it’s pretty simple. Just rinse the box and dry it with a little extra Blotting paper. A little bit of water is enough to remove the excess grime, without using detergents or anything else as it may backfire. In fact, we’ll go from the risk of ingesting bacteria to the risk of consuming soap.

So, don’t forget to do this before eating canned tuna, as it affects our health and is very disgusting.


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