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Watch NASA's Mars Ingenuity helicopter in flight in a stunning 3D video

Watch NASA’s Mars Ingenuity helicopter in flight in a stunning 3D video

You will need two of these to watch the NASA video.


This story is part of Welcome to the planet MarsOur series exploring the red planet.

You can’t (yet) go to Mars, but you can pretend relaxing on the Red Planet with a new 3D video from NASA of a historic creative helicopter. The third trip. You only need some old red and blue 3D glasses to enjoy the full experience.

The footage was captured from the mast-mounted camera system of the Persevering Rover, which saw its April 25 flight. “Seeing the sequence is a bit like being on Mars next to perseverance and watching the flight live.” NASA said in a statement Wednesday.

If you no longer have a pair of 3D glasses since you last saw a Black Lagoon creature, you can continue DIY Instructions from NASA. You will need some bright red and blue cellophane paper on hand and be able to print the pattern on both cardstock or cardboard.

A highly successful demonstration of an innovative technology has shown that energy-controlled flight can be achieved on Mars. The Helicopters completed the first one-way flight through Mars Last week, he was now ready to enter a new phase of exposure to his mission.

With 3D video, you can enjoy the ride in a new and immersive way. There is no audio for this ride, but you can always hear it The soft murmur of a helicopter captured by Perseverance on its fourth flight. These are the sights and sounds of a science running great on another planet.

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