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“Does Salvini want to build the longest bridge in the world?  But who cares” –

“Does Salvini want to build the longest bridge in the world? But who cares” –

“Now I'll tell you a few things,” he began last night Ornella Fanone To «Che tempo che fa» in November. With obvious sarcasm, the singer explained her thoughts on the project Bridge over the straitlaunched by Transport Minister Matteo Salvini.

“Salvini wants to build a bridge. I only recently learned that it would be The longest bridge in the world. But who cares? – Fanoni said -. We live in Milan, we no longer open the windows because we prefer our smells to those awful things that get inside. “There are no railways to Reggio Calabria, no roads, how do you get to the bridge?”

Singer suggested substitute“So, he said that in building the bridge he would have given a lot of work to 120,000 workers. Self Cast down Mount TorchinoIt still provides work and saves the population.” The reference, clearly provocative, is to an old “project” to level the Ligurian summit in order to “change the air” of the Po Valley, which a Milanese tram driver proposed on television in 1978 in the program “Portobello Presented by Enzo Tortora.

Fazio suggested that Fanone talk about the matter with the minister: “You talk about it? It will be difficult to talk to SalviniIt doesn't seem very convenient to listen to me. “Maybe Melony can convince him,” she replied. “Look, all three of you,” Fazio summed up.

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