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“I'm thinking about getting red hair and bangs.”

“I'm thinking about getting red hair and bangs.”

Desire for change Ludovica ValleyShe announced her third pregnancy a few hours ago through a tender video she posted on social media showing her on the beach in Dubai with her partner and children caressing her belly.

A few moments before the announcement, Vali took a moment to chat with her followers, and while walking under the Dubai sun, she revealed to her followers an idea that had been on her mind for a few months.

Change hairstyle

In fact, the influencer wants to change her hair and has not yet decided whether she will go radical by dyeing it red or getting bangs, a hairstyle that she has been wearing for about 4 years. Thus, Ludovica asks her followers to help her with her choice, and she came to the conclusion that at least for the time being, it is not possible to damage her hair with dye from the roots, but shortening the strand into beautiful bangs would be what she would do. She does as soon as she returns to Milan.

What also drives the influencer to make this change is the fact that her second son, Otto Eduardo, has become a little more independent growing up and this will allow her to get back to taking better care of herself and her hair.

“A fringe is a beautiful commitment,” Valle says in the stories, and anyone who has worn this hairstyle at least once in their life knows well that this is the case. For red hair we have to wait a little longer but who knows…

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