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Guerrilla explains why it works so well on older generation consoles -

Guerrilla explains why it works so well on older generation consoles –

The trailers of the past months and technical analyzes of the past few days have shown that Forbidden horizon west On PS5 it’s a true feast for the eyes. However it cannot be denied even on PS4 Guerrilla Games is great looking and powerfully performing, which is far from obvious considering the many years that have passed on the shoulders of an older generation Sony console. In a recent interview with Engadget, Guerrilla Games explained how the team handled the development of the title and the differences between the two versions.

Game Director Mathijs de Jonge and Art Director Michiel van der Leeuw explained some of the measures the studio has taken to make sure the PS4 version doesn’t look too bad compared to the PS5 version and at the same time how to make the case last. -the art. We learn that work on Horizon Forbidden West has just begun On the old generation in 2018 Until then, Guerrilla Games had been aware of the capabilities of Sony’s new flagship, which allowed the studio to plan development on both consoles in advance.

“We knew it would be difficult to make something that would make the PS5 shine but at the same time be rewarding for people using PS4,” says van der Leeuw. “So we were very happy about that Get to know the capabilities of PS5 very soon, because this means that we can plan the steps needed to achieve this goal. From the start, we’ve been aiming to get high-quality characters, environments, and green spaces on PS5. So you’ll only see different models for the PS4 version, but the atmosphere will be the same.”

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The pandemic slowed down the action in Horizon Forbidden West, but fortunately Guerrilla Games were able to keep up Remote testing stages At least the PS4 version thanks to PlayStation Now.

“It was really hard for us, the pandemic hit us when we were at the peak of production,” van der Leeuw explains. “Due to the pandemic, we had to move to remote play testing. It was a huge advantage to be able to test the PS4 version, because that meant we had to do a great build, rather than just focusing on PS5,” de Jong.

The Aspident, one of the new robotic threats from Horizon Forbidden West

At the same time, Guerrilla’s goal was to make one The PS5 version is visually impressiveAnd not limit everything to a small increase in resolution and frame rate.

Van der Leeuw says: While De Young explained that there is another big difference between the two versions Adaptive stimuli and tactile feedback from Dualsense.

“I think it was also cool to see how we can use haptic feedback and adaptive stimuli to project different weapons, so that each is unique. So when you use the sling, the feel is very different than when you shoot an arrow with a bow.”

Horizon Forbidden West will be available tomorrow, Friday, February 18th, exclusively for PS5 and PS4. Patch 1.04 is now available and it resolves several issues and improves performance.