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Do you use your iPhone as a real computer?  With this app you can do that

Do you use your iPhone as a real computer? With this app you can do that

How many times have you dreamed of being able to harness the enormous power of our iPhone not just to take photos or play with social networks, but to use it as a real computer?

The latest models of the famous smartphone from appleIn addition to the amazing technical capabilities in the fields of photography and video recording at the professional level, it provides enormous potential that can give a boost that has never been seen before. productivity.

Using the iPhone like a real computer – Photo Ansa –

It increases rapidly Screen Size Over the years, it’s definitely helped us move some of the work we previously had to do on PC to mobile. But this is not enough. A computer is not just a device with a few extra centimeters of screen.

One of the main differences when we decide to perform some tasks using a computer instead of our iPhone relates to the possibility Work on multiple tasks Easily move work pieces or files from one window or application to another.

How to use our iPhone as a computer

With the release iOS 17 And from the new iPhone models, the 15 series, the multitasking ports will not be reserved for computers or users of the latest models IPAD. But also the owners iPhone 15 Later applications will be able to take advantage of the crazy trick that allows you to work on multiple different applications, as if they were computer windows.

The new iPhone 15 changes everything – Ansa photos –

Without going too much into the possibility of connecting our iPhone to different external displays more easily thanks to the new display USB-C connectorand very convenient possibility to connect a External Bluetooth keyboardlet’s get straight to the heart of our new method Work from your iPhone.

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The first thing we will need is the application InfiniteX2Puntil a few days ago it was reserved for Apple tablets, but in a few days it will also be available to the public for iPhones of the 15 series.

How to install and start using InfiniteX2P to work from your iPhone like a computer

The first step, of course, would be to download and install InfiniteX2P On our new iPhone. At this stage we will follow the guided steps for the different settings and initial settings.

For the full tutorial, you can follow this video step by step:

For full use, so if we are at home or in the office and want to use the iPhone like a PC, we can follow the steps to connect the keyboard and mouse via Bluetooth and an external monitor using a USB-C cable, we will have a similar use to any desktop computer with a similar operating system Windows or Mac.

It is clear that for constant and constant use, even if we choose the “maximum” models, the smartphone screen will never allow the same workflow as the screen. 32 inch screen, But for small operations it is literally a revolutionary innovation.

Hence, true multitasking has also arrived on the iPhone. We’ve been waiting for this for a long time, and it’s even better than we could have hoped for just a few months ago. All we have to do is be careful not to get carried away and continue to hold on to our iPhone longer in situations where we should focus our attention elsewhere.

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