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The infallible trick to getting into another computer (without the other person knowing): It’s impossible to make mistakes

The infallible trick to getting into another computer (without the other person knowing): It’s impossible to make mistakes

How many times have we wanted to secretly get into someone else’s computer, or are we afraid that someone will be able to access our devices to steal precious data and information?

What we should all ask ourselves is not how we can secretly get into someone else’s computer, but how to protect ourselves from actions of this kind, which are often carried out by criminals and people with bad intentions.

Hackers can access other people’s computers –

Knowing the foolproof way to hack other people’s computers can be a very useful skill that can save your life on several occasions. So let’s see what are the most effective strategies and techniques used by cyber criminals to gain access to devices without leaving any trace.

Before delving into the dark techniques most used by hackers, it’s important to remember that finding access this way Unauthorized use of others’ devices is a crime and punishable under our law. Regardless of the use of the information contained therein. Therefore, this guide is intended for informational purposes only and aims to know how to protect ourselves from these systems, and not to encourage us to use them illegally.

How to hack into someone else’s computer

There are several ways, more or less elaborate or complex, to gain access to someone else’s computer. The most common concern is three specific techniques:

  • Use Back doors
    So-called backdoors are malicious computer programs that “leave an open door” that criminals can later use to enter our computers.
  • Use Keyloggers
    Keyloggers are malicious programs that record all the keys we press and, in some cases, our mouse clicks. This way it’s really easy to access our passwords, credit card and bank details, or, in the worst case, enter our security codes for two-factor authentication (2FA).
  • Social engineering
    Social engineering is the discipline that studies ways to “get what we want from whom we want.” In fact, the social engineer uses psychological and social strategies, often with partners, in order to achieve this Manipulating the axes To carry out actions or provide confidential information. Among the most common is impersonation of another person or through some other person Hypnotic techniquesConfusing the victim so that he does not realize that he is acting against his interests.
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How to protect your computer from unauthorized access

Now that we’ve seen how cybercriminals can access our computer without leaving a trace, let’s take a look at the simplest and most effective ways to protect ourselves from these possibilities.

It is possible to secretly enter other people’s computers –

Obviously, the first system uses del Common sense. If, through a story, a stranger tries to convince us to provide some sensitive data or install a program on our computer, it is unnecessary to ask us to pay maximum attention.

Second, in addition to protecting ourselves from possible human errors caused by our psychological nature, we should worry about protecting our devices, which by nature are networked and in constant contact with the external digital environment. The best system is to install a good system Firewalls (It is therefore a program that monitors – and closes if necessary – the famous outward-facing doors of our computer.)

Other than that, it’s a great habit to get into Regular anti-malware scans And always check that our antivirus software is always up to date.