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Be careful with the images you find on Google: Will AI-generated images start popping up?

Be careful with the images you find on Google: Will AI-generated images start popping up?

Now you will have to pay close attention to the images you find on Google. Action arrives from the tech giant: What’s happening.

Today, everyone views artificial intelligence as the technology of the future, even if it may cause various problems. In fact, AI-generated images may appear in the Google Images search bar. So let’s find out what happened and, above all, what measures Mountain View has taken.

What happens in the search engine –

Even now, images generated by artificial intelligence can confuse users due to their similarity to reality. Among the most obvious examples we find images generated by artificial intelligence, since one of these images won a competition, while instead a snapshot He won the “Creativity” category award at the Sony World Photography Awards.

In fact, 404 Media reported that the “Tank Man” image that appears in Google searches is not real, as it shows an unidentified Chinese man. He takes a selfie with a tank behind him. But the original photo is the very famous photo of the unknown man stopping in front of a column of tanks during protests in Tiananmen Square in the People’s Republic of China. This is a situation that ended up annoying Google, which decided to take a radical decision. So let’s review what happened and choose the Big G.

Be careful with images on Google, they can be generated by artificial intelligence: that’s the decision

AI-generated selfies are not in themselves a problem associated with intentional misinformation, but they highlight another problem that has arisen since generative AI became popular. But at the same time, Google seems ready for it Limit all possible misinformation Which can be created using artificial intelligence. In fact, Google decided to delete the contest-winning image from one of the Reddit threads.

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Google image
Latest measure of the giant –

Meanwhile, Big G said on its blog that it is concerned that AI-generated multimedia content could be used to manipulate search results. Google also stated that these issues exist in both human-generated content and AI-generated content. So Mountain View decided to do just that Remove a selfie created by artificial intelligence. The company’s top management then reiterated that the goal was to build only useful systems for displaying high-quality information.

In this sense, AI-generated content can harm user searches. However, even Google’s systems may not always select the best images, no matter how they are produced. Despite this, Big G continues to strive to ensure that their products Policies do not promote inaccurate content On a matter of public interest such as the Tiananmen Square protests.