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Do you remember Lara Zorzetto from Temptation Island? Here she is with her husband and two children

What happened to Lara Zorzito after filming on Temptation Island ended. Today I am also a mother.

“I open you like cabbage”, “I open you like a piece of IKEA furniture”, “4000 euros to fix my teeth, can you give it to me?”. These are the most famous phrases of his girlfriend he attended temptation island. The public loved Lara not only for her signature phrases that have become memes in recent years, but also for her boyfriend’s hilarious behavior that did nothing but increase respect for women. Lara shared the Temptation with her boyfriend Machael De Giorgio because as he mentioned in the presentation video: “It’s the real test… I love him so much but I need to know if he’s the right person for me”. Today, Lara understands very well who is the right person for her. This is what has happened since I left the experiment.

Today, Lara Zorzito is the mother of two children. This is the father of his sons

Lara was 26 years old a fashion brand, while Michael was a tattoo artist and he was 30 years old. They met two and a half years before participating in the show and soon, too, she decided to leave everything to move on. Lara has started watching boyfriend videos where he not only confesses to his mates that he cheated on her but also that he is no longer sure of his feelings. Lara is furious, she asks her boyfriend not to reveal some details of their relationship. As if that wasn’t enough, in the next fire she saw that he had also admitted that they had no more intimate relations since November and that the woman was no longer attracted to her as before.

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Michelle’s behavior was very strange because when he thought he wasn’t being filmed, he made these confessions, while when there were cameras he was doing weird things. The web went crazy when I grabbed a ketchup and wrote on a piece of paper “You were all my life”. Not only for the dedication choice but also because it doesn’t fit with what he then said about his girlfriend and did when he wasn’t filmed. The two eventually broke up and when they met again Michael apologized to the girl. The two continued to move on with their lives and today Lara is a mother for the second time. In fact, he met Mattia with whom he built his family. The first to join the couple was the puppy dog ​​Trelly, then Leonardo and Anastasia were born. Lara works as an influencer and has her own brand “EllerRose”. Very popular and much appreciated, she has finally found her happiness. Here’s a shot from just 20 days ago with his whole family:

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