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Diletta Liotta, why she didn't want to marry Can Yaman: The sad truth is only now emerging

Diletta Liotta, why she didn't want to marry Can Yaman: The sad truth is only now emerging

Diletta Liotta, the harsh truth about her decision not to marry Can Yaman.

They were for a short time one of the most beautiful couples for Italians. They occupied pages and pages of magazines gossip And also conquered Avalanches of covers. The web has literally been invaded at all times Their pictures And curious about they Amore Which was definitely very excited.

Diletta Liotta and Can Yaman They undoubtedly acted The romantic dream of many people. She is the beautiful young woman who succeeded because of her His talent And to him Huge determination To make their way in the world of work sports journalism, It is still considered by many today Almost entirely male.

for him, A real starwhich has been around since its first appearance From Türkiye to Italy He broke a fair number of hearts. for a while and then took it House in Rome To the enormous joy of his many Italian fans who are now eagerly awaiting the broadcast of the second season of the series Purple like the sea On channel 5.

Diletta Liotta the fact that she refused to marry Jean

And here we find him alongside the wonderful again Francesca ChilemeShe is one of the most beloved actresses among Italians of all ages. Last year, and even before that to tell the truth, there was talk about it Possible flirtation between them Which apparently never existed. Those directly involved have confirmed that they are Just great, dear friends.

tornado to The belovedWhich became the summer First time mom Bringing the little girl into the world the songdecided to have his say Yes More beautiful than my father, his creation. Let's talk about the professional football player Loris Karius. It's clear now that the journalist's fans can't wait to learn more about him. Meanwhile, he came to light The real reason she doesn't want to marry the Turkish actor.

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Diletta Lota travel directions

Very powerful discoveries

To explain this to us Alessandro Rusicaknown as Social investigator. In addition to talking about a type of contract stipulated between them and… Canwhich suggests, many complained, that it might be their king as well A story born on the drawing boardThe influencer revealed to us what prompted him to take it Radical decision in Lota Not only not marrying him but also leaving him immediately.

“He was The beloved To say enough, why He couldn't take it anymore either because of Kan's attitude. Yan has a lifestyle that cannot be tolerated in Turkey…”, he began Ruzica In his story. He added shortly: “He likes to have fun, sometimes a little too much HExaggerated That's why it's better An all-around friend and bodyguard He stays close to him to take care of him.”