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“But what a boom in bookings.”  Data that refute the hotel to which Ferragni went

“But what a boom in bookings.” Data that refute the hotel to which Ferragni went

weekend Chiara Ferragni The Valle D'Aosta is shrouded in mystery. The influencer, who seems to be out of sorts and who sees the word “end” in her social empire closer than ever, allowed herself a few days of relaxation in… Luxury hotel In the Alps, strictly “without advertising”, as he was careful to specify in the published stories. The release is also supported by the chassis owner who confirmed Complete balance From Holiday by Ferragni.

But there is a mystery, because at first the hotel owners had announced Shrimp Red said they had to remove the post with Ferragni published on their site due to their large number Negative comments, who have been ruining the GPS business for years. Then, suddenly, the change happened: from Valle D'Aosta they wanted to tell us that the influencer's mentions brought more followers than they had accumulated in years of work, and above all, the comments fell along with the followers. Booking requests: “We can't go on anymore“.

But this sequence of statements and facts is not convincing Codacon, the consumer association that, with its 107 complaints, began the investigation into the Balocco case from which everything was born. “We tried to buy accommodation at the Hotellerie de Mascognaz and discovered that although the building only has 28 apartments, rooms and chalets in the next few weeks They are still free And completely bookable“, they explain in a note.

The association emphasizes how using very ordinary hotel booking sites, the ones that anyone consults before a holiday, “For example, the dates 5-6 February 2024 are available for stay Different solutions (Classic Room, Superior Room, Junior Suite, Suite, Presidential Suite). Same if you want to stay on February 7-8. Rooms are also available from February 9-10, the entire period From 12 to 16 February“.

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The search was conducted by Codacons on February 1, and as the association explained, it also showed the availability for this period From 9 to 22 March. “The hotel's website itself confirms, on the page dedicated to reservations, the possibility of purchasing stays during the coming weeks. Not only was there no surge in bookings after the influencer's structure was announced, but the only confirmed “Feragni effect” so far seems to be the torrent of criticism and negative comments.“, continued from the Consumers Association.

But the Codacons' suspicions do not stop there, because in the memo released to the press, they announced that they had introduced “Request access to the Hotellerie de Mascognaz, to submit relevant documents Premium From Ferragni's residence, to understand The nature of relationships Between the influencer and the hotel and what rate was applied to the digital entrepreneur for the services usedThe same hotel announced, in the previous days, that it was ready to show the invoice that the digital entrepreneur had duly paid for her stay.