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Diet, never make this dangerous mistake: it spoils the result without you realizing it


Mistakes you should avoid while following a diet – ifood (Photo Canva)

Diet: Here are the mistakes you should avoid if you want to lose weight without any effort. Some you do without even realizing it.

When you decide to go My diet It may happen that you do so A lot of effort To get then Bad result. Whether you have to lose a lot of pounds or a few, accidents happen.

If you’re having a hard time shedding excess weight, you probably are Making mistakes Without realizing it.

In fact, some seemingly trivial behaviors can hurt your bottom line and undo all your efforts.

Let’s find out what mistakes you should completely avoid if you want to lose weight quickly and effectively, but above all correct.

Diet: a serious mistake to avoid

First off, one of the common mistakes people make while dieting is doing so Without a meal plan, Improvise or follow some of what is found on the Internet. Instead the first step to take is Call a professional Because each of us is different and responds differently. Another common mistake is that Avoid meals. By doing this, you mistakenly believe that you are losing weight because you are cutting calories. In fact the opposite effect is obtained. Metabolism tends to become accustomed to “starvation” and slows down to conserve energy. Results? Even if you eat only 1,000 calories a day, which is a very small amount, you will only feel hungry, and you will not lose a single gram of fat.

Always eat 5 meals a day, including two snacks, and do not exclude any food, not even fats and sugars, which if consumed in appropriate quantities are as beneficial as all other nutrients. It’s important to stay in Calorie deficit.

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Nutritional plan - Ifod
The importance of a nutritional plan – ifood (Photo Canva)

More tips

One of the most dangerous mistakes we make while dieting without realizing it is choosing products that carry the phrase a light. This is misleading. This is also the case for those who promised this instead Fat free or At a low level Content from. Because perhaps it is true that it contains less fat, But only in comparison with the traditional version. In most cases, it is replaced with sugars. Always check the label.

The same applies to replacing certain drinks. For example if you choose Vegetable milk instead of cow’s milkWithout knowing it, you are consuming a large amount of sugar. The same thing happens if you choose fruit juices instead of fresh fruit, perhaps due to time constraints. These drinks are full of sugar, so much better Prefer the original version.


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