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Di Benedetti backs crowd: "Right win? A disaster"

Di Benedetti backs crowd: “Right win? A disaster”

Praise comes Carlo di Benedetti, who expects a soup of parties to avoid the victory of the center-right in the elections. Italians will be called to vote on September 25: polls reward Forza Italia, Lega and Fratelli d’Italia, but the Red Front is trying everything to hold a desperate balance and return to government with palace games. The entrepreneur gave his blessing to Minestrone’s move against the center-right.

Anti-center-right alarm

Interviewed by Di Benedetti Corrier della SeraThe alarm sounded: “We are in the greatest danger in the history of the RepublicHis opinion is the victory of the right wing in the next political election.That would be a disaster“The reason? Our country could risk losing international status and breaking historic alliances. Nothing new: wanting to paint the opponent as a dangerous monster is typical left-wing hooliganism.

The Red Cross is what we’re used to: monstrous propaganda against the incumbent center-right leader and a resurgence of fascism to terrorize Italians. But now they understand the game. Di Benedetti addressed the crowd Georgia Meloney To Vox, he accused Tones of using “Unquestionably and technically fascist“. And he accused the Italian right”Fierce fascist and nationalist“.

The entrepreneur told Meloni that he was afraid of potential success: if he was the leader Brothers of Italy To be Prime Minister, our country”It will become like Hungary“why”His model is Orban“. And he, according to his sources in the State Department, the US administration considers”Terrifying“Scene going to the Italian government.

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Red pile

So how do you prevent the center-right from winning elections? De Benedetti has the recipe in his pocket: build and expand the Republican front as much as possible. Accept multiple parties. A numerical function, a gathering of parties glued together by the fear of spending the next five years in opposition.

Entrepreneurs also made names and surnames. He is determined that they should enter the Republican Party Enrico LettaMatteo Renzi, Carlo Calenda, Roberto Speranza, Renato Brunetta and Mariastella Gelmini. Furthermore, De Benedetti evoked the logic of the CLN or National Liberation Committee as an opposition. Benito Mussolini. “Meloni and Salvini will not put us in the black shirt. But they threaten democracy, Europe, our values. And they will isolate Italy. As did Mussolini” noted the entrepreneur.

Tragi card

The red front is split in the premiership knot: Letta proposes herself as the frontrunner, while raising Calenda’s name. Mario Draghi However, the former governor of the European Central Bank has announced that he is ready to run for the front row if he is not available.

According to De Benedetti, Draghi’s card refers to a card on the table: “This is the best we can do“. But he believes the prime minister is ready to replace Michael as president of the European Council in 2024. Finally, a council has arrived. Democratic Partycalled upon to give up their own symbol: “Alone he will never succeed. The Democratic Party is a capitalist party, voted for by people with common sense. But it has lost touch with the popular classes“.

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