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Developers working on card physics, players find ridiculous -

Developers working on card physics, players find ridiculous –

Cloud Imperium Games has announced that it is working on a new feature for Star Citizen: The leaf physics, more commonly called deformed bed sheets. Of course, many guys didn’t take it well, for reasons you can easily imagine.

Star Citizen has been in development for about ten years now and it’s hard to imagine a possible release date. A lot of progress has been made, but the game is currently in alpha and will be there for years to come, with a lot of features missing, while others still require a lot of fine-tuning.

Due to the long wait, many found the dev team’s announcement that they were working on board physics absurd. As communicated, it will be a useful feature to engage players more, but many believe that perhaps it is appropriate to work on something else and not slow down the development by devoting themselves to these jokes, which will have to be addressed perhaps after the release of a more..advanced game.

But what could a more nurturing of plate physics consist of? In making sure that the family behaves like a real family. By what logic? According to the personalities 42 . squadronStar Citizen’s single-player unit that was supposed to be released many years ago will be able to sleep to sleep and Cloud Imperium wants sheets to behave in the most realistic way possible, whether in normal circumstances or if you have to get up from reading to respond to some emergency.

Surely this is an interesting technical problem that needs to be solved, but, of course, the players did not take the news very well, considering it another waste of time. Moreover, it appears that leaf physics is also a priority for developers, as it was mentioned first in the last briefing.

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I mean, maybe we’ll be playing Star Citizen ten more years later, but the blankets would be nice.