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Possibile freddo nei giorni della Merla

DAYS of the MERLA, Italy pulled out between RUSSO FROST and POSSIBLE CYCLONE. Updates »

WEATHER: DAYS of the MERLA, Italy pulled between RUSSO FROST and CYCLONE POSSIBLE. Updates

Possibly cold on Blackbird daystradition that January 29-30-31, or the last three days of the first month of the year, are remembered as “Merla days‘, pointing to one of the . files Cold times of the year. This year by the end of January there may be Important news on the weather front. Italia In fact, it risks finding each other balanced jerk between the Russian ice On the one hand and the possible formation of Tornado Bad weather in the Mediterranean.

We still have several days left, but the big hemisphere-wide maneuvers have already begun and could lay the foundations for a later part of January, Only in conjunction with the days of the blackbird, so interesting. In fact, after the predominance of high pressure, our attention is particularly focused on the polar latitudes where it is real cold tank.
This massive ice mass can be moved from the air by lowering with an engine center in western Russia and then sliding towards Europe, thus starting cold spellsAnd Many timesAnd They can also invest in our country.

For now, given the time distance is still very high, it is only a possibility and as such has to be taken into account, but having said that, it must be said that This seems to be the most reliable trend for the end of January. This cold flow will then conclude its course in the Mediterranean Basin, submerging directly from Rune Gate. Hence, a deep hurricane Between the Ligurian Sea and the Tyrrhenian Sea, it is constantly fed by unstable currents. The possibility of heavy precipitation, even snowy ones, down to very low altitudes must be evaluated at a later time. We will talk about this in upcoming updates.

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We conclude with Like: Blackbird days, if they are cold, spring will be beautiful, and if they are warm, spring will come late….
But would it really be so?

The hypothesis that the cold wave coincides with the Blackbird days (end of January)The hypothesis that the cold wave coincides with the Blackbird days (end of January)