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Omega is about to return to space.  to clean it

Omega is about to return to space. to clean it

Computer reconstruction of the ClearSpace-1 mission stage scheduled for 2025. The first aims to recover space debris.

If they were lit they would look like stars. Its size is not large, as for the number, it is very high. Those related to orbital debris, the cosmic junk legacy of the space age. According to recent estimates bywho – whichESA, we’re talking About 36,500 objects larger than 10 cm, 1 million between 1 and 10 cm, 330 million from centimeters to millimeters. It may be small but as fast as it spins, it does damage in the event of a crash like a hail of bullets. Finally, the space station’s one-arm robotic arm, pierced like butter. But recently, it must be said, there are those who have begun to take concrete initiatives.

The spacecraft will be designed to attach debris of various sizes but also satellites, or part of them, intended for roaming in open space.

Come clear space, a company whose primary activity is the design and development of useful systems for capturing and retrieving objects that are floating aimlessly in space. Celestial scavengers. Paladins from the Sustainability of the Universe. Not a gimmick to draw attention to the problem, but a serious commitment that has led to this modern reality signing a €86 million contract with the European Space Agency withDeclared goal to complete the first space debris removal mission in 2025. A reference of pure excellence which in turn has recently received support Omega, a watch brand that is second to none when it comes to space.

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Project protagonists: from left Raynald Aeschlimann, CEO of Omega; Swiss astronaut Claude Nicollier; Luc Beguet, CEO of ClearSpace.

This is how the Biel brand stands out, Officially recognized by NASA in 1965 as the only watchmaker qualified to supply its own timekeeping instruments During manned space missions as well as extravehicular activities, (Iconic Speedmaster) prepares to leave Earth’s soil once again as a hero with the open space trend. Partner in a project consistent with its history and experience. As emphasized by its president, Raynald Eichlemann, who outlined the process: the next logical step for a brand that is proud of its past in space exploration and planet preservation.”

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