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If you have contracted this disease, get tested immediately, your brain could be compromised forever

You can lose up to 10 IQ points in the six months following illness. Don’t condone any symptoms

Premature and sudden aging. The discovery that comes from exciting science. So we cannot suggest that you get tested immediately unless you have had this disease in the last few months.

Laboratory Doctors (web source)

You can lose up to 10 IQ points in the six months following injury, or an intellectual loss equal to the cognitive decline that occurs on average from 50 to 70 years old. This is what emerged from a study conducted at the University of Cambridge and predicted by New Scientist.

Although it is currently unclear how persistent this cognitive impairment is, given the large number of severely affected individuals. But it is certain that what will emerge from the research of these trusted scientists is both realistic and frightening.

The study highlights different cognitive deficiencies among those recovering compared to their peers in the control group who, on the other hand, did not develop the disease. It remains to be seen how long this damage will last and what the long-term resilience will be.

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For those who have contracted Covid in a serious way, even in hospital, the impact could be devastating. And it could be devastating given the large number of people infected with Covid around the world.

The proportions can be enormous. In England alone, for example, there were 40,000 people in intensive care for CovidThis means that post-Covid cognitive deficits can affect a large number of people around the world.

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Laboratory Doctors (web source)

Experts compared the results of several cognitive tests conducted six months after infection on 46 patients who were hospitalized for Covid, and compared them with the results of cognitive tests conducted on a control group of 66,000 individuals.

Studies have appeared Many have cognitive “removal of surveillance” in those who have recovered from Covid. Some examples: reduce the speed of information processing, or reduce language comprehension skills.

To simplify it and make it clear even to those who do not have medical and scientific skills, we can say that Covid will have a negative impact on the ability of our body – especially the neuronal neurons – to use it. Sugar is like “gasoline”. To increase working memory, but also to give us the ability to solve problems.

It is possible that COVID-19 promotes cognitive decline in various ways, for example by damaging the brain due to an increased immune response or because the infection causes microscopic hemorrhages or ischemia in different nerve regions. Therefore the advice is not to neglect any symptoms and to contact doctors and scientists if necessary.