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Davis Cup tennis in Milan: Sala confirms

Davis Cup tennis in Milan: Sala confirms

mayor of milan, Giuseppe Sala, Express A agitation Contagious regarding the possibility of it Milan Prestigious guests Davis Cup Tennis. In a recent statement on the sidelines of the opening of the Christmas markets in Piazza del Duomo, Sala stressed that the city is more interested than others Progressing For this important sporting event. “Milan intends to run, yes. But it must be a strong nomination, without leaving a bad impression,” the mayor said, stressing the importance of a strong and well-organized proposal.

“Enormous” interest and support from the Italian Tennis Federation

the Angelo Binagi, President of the Italian Tennis Federation Personally contact the mayor to gauge the city’s interest. Sala described this interest like “huge“, which highlights the prestige that this event will bring to Milan. “It will be prestigious, in Benaghi I said that if there is space I will not only help, but I will be very happy,” declared Sala, showing his full support and willingness to actively cooperate to realize this dream.

Milan ready to host Davis Cup: structures and logistics

Regarding Structures necessary to host an event of this magnitude, the city’s mayor expressed optimism, saying: “Yes, but that’s the least of it. If there is interest, it will be done». This statement highlights Sala’s confidence in Milan’s ability to organize international sporting events, having proven in the past that it possesses the required infrastructure and logistical skills.

A vision for the future: Milan and international tennis

Milan’s interest in hosting the Davis Cup It’s not just a matter of prestige, but part of a broader vision to make the city matter International Tennis Centre. The application, if implemented successfully, can bring significant benefits in terms of… International vision, tourism and economic development. Mayor Sala’s statement highlights the importance of a proactive and well-planned approach to ensure Milan stands out as an ideal choice for hosting world-class sporting events.

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A dream come true

in conclusion, A possible nomination for the city of Milan to host the tournament Davis Cup This represents not only an opportunity for the city to demonstrate its commitment to sports, but also an opportunity And enhance its image internationally. The strong interest shown by Mayor Sala and the support offered by the Italian Tennis Federation are promising signs that Milan could soon become the champion of one of the most prestigious events in the world of tennis. In the 1998 Then the team was led by Paolo Bertolucci They beat India, Zimbabwe and the United States (losing in Melkawi 4-1, but without Korir and Agassi) but were then defeated in the final 4-1 by Sweden, in the only final ever played in Italy. Which was played by chance At the Assago Forum (Milan)