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That’s why the club is supporting him now

That’s why the club is supporting him now

Dominant on the field, and solid off it. there Rome He returns from Reggio Emilia with many certainties in the trunk, starting with the classification: since day four, with Lukaku coming in full-time, he has won 23 points in 11 games, at an average of 2.09 per game, which would be worthy of third place, not fourth place, which Actually check. Since the night of the humiliating defeat to Milan on September 1, he has scored 3 more points than Milan, 5 more. Naples And 6 more than Lazio, three direct competitors for the Champions League ticket. Just Inter Juventus is moving faster. And in recent weeks, in addition to expanding the list of goals scored after the 75th minute to 13, which resulted in 11 points, Roma have discovered the depth of the team and the usefulness of the bench: people like Christensen And Azmoun, which cannot even be used in the Europa League due to Financial Fair Play issues, is slowly affecting the results. Christensen, the Danish team that was obscure and in decline until Sunday, brought the number of different scorers in the team to 12. No one in Serie A has numbers on hand, as many types of attacking solutions do.

Mourinho’s strategy

Within this growth trajectory they are undeniable Advantages Mourinhowhich is against Sassuolo He initially dropped Pellegrini to gain more power in midfield. In the second half, with caution, the unfavorable situation was reversed. It has already happened againstUdinese Previous Sunday: Destabilizing changes to the opponentWhether in the playing system or in the energy of the individuals, and two heavy victories. Side note: Renato Sanchez, Belotti, Aouar and Zalewski remain seated. This means rediscovering extravagance.

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Society stands with the special person

But it also strikes, leaving the limits of tactics and techniques Solidarity Which Mourinho He collected it from his countryman Thiago Pintoa direct emanation of Dan’s ideas Friedkin. There are already those who, in a wave of planning optimism, link unity of purpose in the political battle to the possibility of renewing the expiring contract. In fact, the news these days simply tells the story club That, for once, He sided with his coach. Roma received yesterday The file opened by the federal prosecutor for the statements released on SaturdayNot only criticism of referee Marcenaro and Var Di Bello, but also very harsh criticism towards Domenico Berardi, the striker of Sassuolo and the Italian national team. The procedure now stipulates that Mourinho, who is being defended by Roma’s legal office, can submit defense submissions within five days and request that they be heard by Prosecutor Cheney. In Trigoria they are sure of it Referral conditions do not exist Much less for one person DisqualificationBecause in the now famous expression “Emotional stability” Mourinho was pointing out just one of the qualities he thought Marcenaro lacked. Mancini’s scientific warning (which was banned) to contact Berardi was instead referred to as a satirical joke. To be evaluated Instead if they are Charges against Berardi Beyond expediency and good taste, it is seen as insulting. Regarding these matters, even speaking in Portuguese, Mourinho did not return to Mapei Stadium.

Mourinho will sit on the bench against Fiorentina

It is certain that he has already been “pardoned” after the extremely harsh sentences against referee Maresca, after the Inter Roma match. there to delegate It was considered that in this case it was necessary for interventionAs happened yesterday with Thiago Motta (Bologna). The Italian Federation wants to avoid escalating the influence of imitation. However, due to timing issues, the Roma coach will be on the bench on Sunday against Fiorentina: any penalties will be applied at the end of proceedings.

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