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Curfew order, sources: “Be in 22”.  Clash in CDM, Leh: “We did not vote to reopen”

Curfew order, sources: “Be in 22”. Clash in CDM, Leh: “We did not vote to reopen”

Rome, 21 April 2021 – The line of wisdom prevails: The Curfew At least, this time, there will be 22. Then Compression Regions On the government to extend it At least at 11 p.m., Prime Minister Drake and other ministers, beginning with Roberto Speranza on other days, reiterated the need to change the law into practice. Before CDM, In fact, is called to give the green light New Govt D.L., According to what was learned there was a discussion among the ministers about the curfew order. And this League, Who volunteered to raise the timetable during the day, declared yes He will abstain from voting In order.

“Beyond the curfew order, restrictions on indoor spaces are not logical, even in the Yellow Zone, and some reopening is a long way off,” he said. Unfair and punishable choices for gyms and swimming pools“Therefore, league sources explain that the new order with anti-Govt restrictions from April 26 will be avoided.” It would be nice to have cinemas and theaters reopen somewhat, but why punish restaurants with no outdoor space? “, Ask the leaguers.” More than 10 people locked in a private house, 10 people are confined to a bar or restaurant, “they note.

The first day Gianni (Tuscany) First Bonacini (Emilia Romagna) asked the governors to allow a little ease when the evening reopened. And when Gypsies (Lazio) leaves Chorus by agreeing to maintain curfew at age 22, Ligurian governor All The idea began: those who came out for dinner should be allowed to return even after the curfew order Restaurant Receipt.

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And ministers

During the day he sought to mediate with the Minister of Regional Affairs Maria Stella Gelmini: “The curfew order triggers bad things, we can not all wait for an extension of time, and then it can be abolished, but everything takes place gradually and gradually. Why did we propose at 10 pm?” We asked CTS Why this should return to normal rules should be gradual Avoid virus escalation“, He reported to Rtl 102.5.” It is clear – he added – that the government hopes that the proper behavior of the people will gradually lead to the passage of the curfew from 10pm to 11pm and then until the curfew is lifted altogether. “. When?” I think there must be one Graduation “He continued,” This is not a party of opening and closing. We must all be together against the virus. “Even the Minister of Agriculture Stefano Patanelli He stressed that the topic was not on the agenda: “It is wrong to discuss at 10 or 11 pm”, because at the openings, the Minister said, “there is now a step-by-step process, a path with dates and stages to be observed while the vaccination program continues this way”

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New President of the Regional Conference, Massimiliano Petrica, Was He explained the rationale for the extended curfew: “The curfew order has a dialogue with the government. To Frederica Radio Capital “More Only open space campuses will be reopened, I hope to be able to overcome in the coming weeks. The regions have also developed guidelines for indoor activities. We hope to resume with interior catering before June 1st. The government decides. ”

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“I am 23” to the new limit of the curfew order, he added Eugenio Gianni, Head of the Tuscany region, also speaks on Radio 1. “In the logic that these actions are valid Until July 31st In our art cities, the possibility of coming on tour until 11pm makes no difference, but it gives a sense of city life, we have to believe. ”In the same way Stefano Bonacini, The head of Emilia Romagna: “The only thing I wanted Flexibility With curfew orders coming in at 11pm instead of 10pm, people in cities are moving between municipalities to go to dinner, the danger is that someone must have already finished going home by 9pm because the rules must always be respected ”. Giovanni Totti, The governor of Liguria plans to allow those who came out for dinner to return even after the curfew order Restaurant Receipt: “If we do not move the curfew order at least at 11 pm, we will allow anyone who came out for dinner to return home after 11 pm and show the receipt”. According to the Ligurian governor, “asking to come home at 10pm does not apply to reopening restaurants in the evening”.