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HSBC: non cambieremo strategia per contrasti Usa-Cina

We will not change the strategy for the US-China conflict

Wednesday 21 April 2021 – 10:17 am

HSBC: We will not change the strategy for the US-China conflict

First: we are not a political organization

ROME, April 21 (askanews) – HSBC Bank, which has historically played an intermediate role between Great Britain and Hong Kong, has made it clear through its Noel Quinn mouth that it does not want to change its strategy on the basis of progress. After the threat to put.

In an interview with the Financial Times, Quinn recalled the role HSBC played in “156 years” in Hong Kong: “We know these tensions and we try to manage them to the best of our ability, but we can not redesign our strategy based on a coincidental moment.” Quinn continued, “We are not a political organization. We do not want to be.”

U.S. diplomats attacked the bank, and politicians in Britain pointed fingers at the bank for obeying orders to freeze the accounts of pro-democracy activists. China, on the other hand, has threatened to add HSBC to its list of “unreliable companies.”

HSBC was founded in 1865 and Asia contributes more than 90 percent of the bank’s profits and China is increasingly central to its strategies.

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