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Let's find out who the "designated survivor" of America's secret agency is

Let’s find out who the “designated survivor” of America’s secret agency is

When a new president takes office in the United States, 20 other people must be present before the inauguration ceremony. The most tragic cases can happen to him. In addition to these potential leaders, in the years of the Cold War, an ace into the hole, “Designated survivor“.

The “Designated survivor“(As he is called in English) is an institutional figure with the task of taking over the presidency as the head of state during the worst emergency situation in the country, i.e. when the president and his 20 heirs are under attack.

These are the occasions when all the offices come together in one place sono is rare, But they are And subject to maximum caution. For example: during the glorious inauguration speech of the newly elected President, during the annual reading of the President’s message to both chambers, and during the Union State address (potential moment in the social, economic and political spheres and annual resolutions when the Head of State has the opportunity to speak with Congress).

Designated survivor, In the case of these events, it is hidden In a safe and secret place, so he can not engage in any mass attack.

However, this corporate figure did not come out anywhere. There were specific reasons why it was rooted in the era first mentioned, viz During the Cold War.

In the burning years of this conflict, The threat of a nuclear attack by the Soviet Union was greater than real. What better time for the enemy than to attack its political foundations on rare occasions when all the most important characters were in the same room?

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It was for this fear that Dwight D. Eisenhower in the 1960s Eisenhower “.Continuation of governmentThrough this election, the appointed survivor – who was one of the members of the state cabinet – was added to the ranks next to power.

Until the 1980s there was a very interesting aspect about this character Its the secret. No one knew his identity, what was known to him, what was not. In fact, it is still unknown who was the first. It was not until 1984 that the White House began publishing the names of designated survivors.

As people began to talk directly about the company’s “wild card”, public opinion began to ask for more details: How are they selected? What information will they get after being selected?

First, the designated survivors arrive Called a few weeks ago to the first state of the Union address, On the initial basis of two basic criteria: age, must be over 35, and retention of U.S. citizenship.

Their mission has been a secret from the moment they were appointed. Make sure they are ready to sit in the President’s chair one day. For this, like the president and 20 heirs, they receive a box with all sorted files containing the nuclear codes.