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Cultivation in Space: The launch of the first greenhouse is scheduled for the spring of 2023

Cultivation in Space: The launch of the first greenhouse is scheduled for the spring of 2023

Agriculture…in space? Yes, Redwire Corp will install a commercial greenhouse on the International Space Station.

Farming At high altitude – in fact, very high. launch in outer space From the first commercial greenhouse – an operation intended to increase research in agricultural production outside the comfortable but abused atmosphere of the land – is expected not later than the spring of 2023, courtesy of the US company Redwire Corporation. As we just mentioned, it will be the first commercial greenhouse to be installed on the International Space Station (ISS).

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The launch will take place in coordination with the commercial agricultural technology company Scientific Dewey: The goal of the experiment, as expected, is to provide scientists with at least accurate and reliable information about humanity’s ability to grow whole crops in space — hoping, of course, to be able to greatly expand those capabilities. He commented in this regard that “growing whole crops in space will be essential for future space exploration missions where plants provide food, oxygen and restore water.” Dr..Avi Reddirector of operations at the Redwire Florida launch site and director of the Greenhouse project.

“Redwire Greenhouse will expand opportunities for scientific discovery to improve crop production on Earth and enable research into crop production in space for the benefit of future long-duration human spaceflight,” Reed added, stressing the importance of operations. This guy is in light of upcoming NASA missions. In the meantime, we ordinary people will be waiting for news about the production of the first tomatoes in space – and looking forward to being able to taste the first wine In the case of zero gravity.

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