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Cristiano Ronaldo booked for reckless gesture against young Everton fan

Cristiano Ronaldo booked for reckless gesture against young Everton fan

The penalty for CR7 is a “conditional warning”. This was confirmed by Merseyside police in support of a bad episode dating back to last April: a reckless gesture by the Portuguese after the defeat to Everton left a young Toffees fan in shock.

Cristiano Ronaldo was ‘warned’ by the police after the bad gesture against the young Everton fan.

Cristiano Ronaldo He is going through the worst moment of his career. He would never have imagined that his return to Manchester United – after the disappointment of his time at Juventus – would have been so difficult until he exploded with not qualifying for the Champions League and wanting to leave Old Trafford. He asked his agent, Jorge Mendes, to find him a suitable place: a club that would guarantee him the chance to climb to the grand stage of the most important continental championship once again.

But he received many denials: the very high cost of hiring proved to be an insurmountable obstacle even for very rich clubs (such as Bayern Munich). CR7 finds himself in the uncomfortable situation of feeling detached at home, to the point where he is heavily questioned by his teammates (fed up with his “prima donna”) and eats alone.

Even the coach, Eric Ten Hag, who initially said he was willing to take his time trying to mend the relationship, raised the white flag and gave the go-ahead to sell the champ. He wants to leave, there is no point in keeping him under such circumstances and in such a state. Where are you going? He will be known in time and then – as the Portuguese star announced – he will explain his version of events, denying each “lie” (as he defined it) point by point.

In the clamor of gossip and foolishness, under the ashes there is more fire that burns. This leaves the former riyal in the spotlight. The malice of last season, an ugly gesture caused by the anger and nervousness that attacked Ronaldo when he left the field at the end of the game lost to Everton at Goodison Park. When he left the green rectangle, his situation was nothing like the golden ball: the boy who handed him his cell phone to take a selfie hit his hand and damaged his cell phone.

The backlash sparked debate, and fueled stinging criticism on the internet. The story of the 14-year-old’s autistic mother led to further boos and indifference towards the footballer. “My son is in shock,” she said, explaining how she considered him a monster (“I don’t want to see him anymore”). That incident, which occurred last April, did not end with simple excuses. Ronaldo made up for this act, publicly admitting that he was wrong.

It is never easy to deal with emotions in difficult times like the ones we are going through – his words were shared in an Instagram post -. But you have to be respectful, have patience and set an example for the little ones. I would like to apologize for my behavior and, if possible, invite fans to watch a game at Old Trafford as a sign of “fair play” and sportsmanship.

CR7 realized the error but it wasn’t enough. The case also received judicial follow-up and ended today only four months after that. A statement from Merseyside Police clarified what punishment was taken against the player: It’s a “conditional warning,” a type of warning that law enforcement agencies take against people who have no record of petty crimes. It is a judgment arrived at upon admission of guilt, while avoiding ending up in court, including “repairing the damage.”

The boy's cell phone was damaged after he trampled Cristiano Ronaldo.

The boy’s cell phone was damaged after he trampled Cristiano Ronaldo.

A ‘conditional notice’ is a type of warning often used by police against unexpected people for petty crimes, such as graffiti, as described by the UK government on its official website. And whoever is alerted must confess to committing the crime, which speeds up the litigation procedures and avoids appearing before the judiciary.